Castle S8 Ep16 – Heartbreaker

Sorry for the delay in getting this recap finished! This was an excellent episode, and Jon Huertas really shone in all of his scenes. Espo’s old fiancee Sonia was also written as an intriguing and three-dimensional character, which I appreciated. They were believable as a couple who were once engaged. A lot of that is down to Huertas, of course.

Castle's reaction to Espo's reaction to seeing Sonia for the first time in nine years? Priceless.

Castle’s reaction to Espo’s reaction to seeing Sonia for the first time in nine years? Priceless.

The case this ep is a murdered armored car driver. He was shot by a thief who rappelled down from the ceiling, leaving behind a very distinctive gelatin-perfume mixture that Espo recognizes right away. It’s the same one from the robbery case where he discovered his then-fiancee was a criminal, and arrested her. This is big news to Castle, Beckett, and especially Ryan, who didn’t even know he was ever engaged. But I think it’s believable that Espo wouldn’t want to share the fact that he loved and almost married a woman who turned out to be a criminal. I do wonder what Lanie thinks of this news.

It turns out that, although Sonia has been in prison for the last nine years (and is almost up for parole), she’s been thinking about her share of the gold coins she and her partner stole for that whole time. Then when her father/former boss during the heist became seriously ill, she decided it was time to break out and find out where he was keeping those coins before he died without passing on the information. So first, she got her new guy pal to steal from the armored car to get Espo’s attention. Then she plays Espo, gets him and the team to let her out briefly to help track down her old partner – and then makes a break for it. An ashamed and heartbroken Espo tracks her down. Loyal Ryan hides his partner’s disastrous mistake from Beckett for as long as he can. But then Sonia and her guy kidnap Espo, so that cat’s out of the bag.

It’s not exactly surprising that Sonia doesn’t let her thuggish guy kill Espo after they drag him with them while they find her gold coins, but it was still a well-done scene. I wouldn’t mind Sonia showing up again sometime in the future, or at least being mentioned. Espo’s family, too.

Ryan's got his partner's back, whether it's keeping Castle from cracking up, or helping Espo track down his scheming ex-fiancee.

Ryan’s got his partner’s back, whether it’s shutting Castle up, or helping Espo track down his scheming ex-fiancee.

Other plotlines: Beckett is now officially back with Castle, and officially living with him again. Martha and Alexis are thrilled. But Lucy, Castle’s Siri-ish, pyramid-shaped personal assistant thing, is apparently jealous of her. It’s kind of cute, but mostly annoying. If I were you, Castle, I’d just throw the thing away. Or sell it on eBay or something. You like Beckett a lot better, right?

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