Shadowhunters, S1 E12- Malec

Shadowhunters S1E12- “Malec"
"Conceal, don't feel. Don't let my Malec feelings show."

“Conceal, don’t feel. Don’t let my Malec feelings show.”

When I first heard that the 12th episode was literally going to be titled Malec, I knew I was in for a great episode. I was right. During WonderCon we interviewed the Malec duo themselves, Harry Shum Jr. and Matthew Daddario. “You call something ‘Malec’, doesn’t necessarily mean what it is,” Matthew said. Boy did they tease us. Move over, Clace, it’s Malec’s time to shine. (You’re related now, anyway.)

At the Institute, it’s wedding plans central. Imagine every wedding movie and then add shadowhunters to it. Isabelle is in charge of all the decorations, because of course she is. Honestly, I feel like she only took the role as wedding planner for Malec’s sake (she is captain of the ship after all). Seeing how Clary can’t exactly bring Jace as her date anymore, she asks Simon if he wants to take his place. You’re kidding, right? The only thing keeping him from getting there faster is the stupid sun; it’s times like this that Simon could really use a daylight ring from The Vampire Diaries. Dude even snagged one of Raphael’s suits. Time will only tell if Climon actually happens. Right now, Clary’s just too damn preoccupied with her Mom, her father, and her gulp, brother. Anyone more interested for Climon or Sizzy to happen? Right now, I want Simon and Izzy. They’ve hardly had any scenes together!

Don't say yes, run away now.

Don’t say yes, run away now.

Magnus asks for Alec to meet him at his place. To which he pulls the “what are we?” card. The Warlock is blunt – he isn’t seeing this marriage working out. It’s not right for Alec or Lydia. I concur, surely Lydia would pick up on Alec’s lack of love for her. Alec insists he’s only doing this marriage to honor his family. “Where’s the honor in living a lie?” Magnus states to Alec.

The next day (wedding day), Magnus has to be the better person by heading to the Institute to help Clary, Jace, and Hodge find Jocelyn’s secret hiding place in the past. The trio come to agreement that the warlock Ragnor might know a thing or two. So it’s to his house they go. Before heading out, Magnus runs into Alec because of course he would. Kiss and make up you two!

"See your hair looks sexy pushed back, Clary. I mean, what?"

“See, your hair looks sexy pushed back, Clary. I mean, what?”

Ragnor has some serious protection around his house. Only the purest of heart can enter the force field. That’s all of them, of course. But Clary gets separated from Magnus and Jace. Inside Ragnor’s mansion, it isn’t hard to find the horned warlock. He’s hidden inside a fake painting. Don’t underestimate the art student. Clary admits she’ll do anything for Ragnor if he finds and wakes up her Mom (who originally created the potion she took). He is totally fine with this, unlike Jace and Magnus, who have been invisible the whole time thanks to Ragnor. His help doesn’t last long, however. A demon somehow manages to get in his force field and kills him.

Who let the demon in? They all discuss this back at the Institute. Lydia – it had to be her! Isabelle rains on Clace’s parade, while in the middle of bachelor party planning. Lydia’s practically family. This ends up being true after Clary tries to confront her about it. If she really was a mole, wouldn’t she have done something by now? Plus, she trusts Clary and she’s Valentine’s daughter. It also happens that Lydia knows about Alec’s feelings for Magnus; she’s not blind. Let’s have a moment of silence for realizing that both parties are sacrificing true love for family.

Speaking of family, Isabelle has put together a lovely bachelor party, with Simon’s help. Just Jace in a room alone with Alec. This forces the parabatai to realize they were both jerks to each other and to bro-hug it out. Para-bro-tai love. Besides, they can both relate now, seeing how they both love someone they shouldn’t. (Well more so with Jace, let’s be honest).

With friends reunited and moles not to be found, let the wedding commence! The layout is beautiful and so are everyone’s outfits. Surprisingly, Maryse is looking forward to having Lydia as a daughter-in-law. Just wait a sec, Mom. The wedding ceremony begins as the bridal party then Lydia walk down the aisle. What a jaw-dropping dress! Alec and Lydia are about to rune their life away together, when Magnus enters the room!

After having a heart to heart with a guest (Ragnor), Magnus realizes he doesn’t want a broken heart like the one Camille gave him. Maryse tries to stop him but he’ll only leave if her son wants him to. He doesn’t. Boy, he doesn’t. It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Someone play Taylor Swift’s “Speak Now”! But the beauty of it is they don’t have to say anything. They know what they want and that’s each other. Alec apologizes to Lydia; he can’t go through with this. Lydia has no hard feelings. They can both be happy now! Alec begins to speed walk to Magnus and nothing will get in his way. Like his mother, who is furious. “Enough,” he yells as he brushes her off. The moment we have all been waiting for was not a disappointment.

"You wanna get a drink sometime?"

“You wanna get a drink sometime?”

Alec grabs Magnus by the shirt collar and “smooches his man,” as Matthew Daddario has stated. All of us Malec fans are squealing. Everyone in the room has some interesting reactions, too. Jace has a proud “he did it” look, Simon later goes on a tangent about how this is just like The Graduate, and Malec’s captain, Isabelle, is beaming. Whoever scored this did a marvelous job. Even though the pair don’t say anything, their feelings are all in the lyrics. “I can’t help but love you. Even though I’ve tried not to.” As for the Lightwood parents: Robert isn’t in love with the idea, but if Alec is happy, he’s happy. Maryse is upset beyond belief. But at least not because it’s a guy, but because Magnus is a downworlder. She’ll come around. Post-Kiss, Malec is the cutest and make plans to finally get drinks together. Please show that, Shadowhunters! What did everyone think of the kiss? Love it as much as I did?

In the shocking end of the episode, we learn who was the mole. Hodge, of course. I knew he was too hot! And after taking the Mortal Cup from Lydia, who knows what he’s going to conspire with Valentine!

Still have all the Malec feels? Relive that Malec kiss/scene over and over again by watching the video below.

The season finale of Shadowhunters, 1.13: “Morningstar” airs tonight at 9/8c on Freeform. The trailer can be viewed below.

Will Jocelyn finally wake up? Will Clary and Jace finally discuss their currently relationship? Can Valentine be defeated? And most importantly: are we going to see any more Malec scenes?