WonderCon 2016: Interviews with the Cast and Producers of ‘Shadowhunters’

Shadowhunters WonderCon 2016

Conventions are a great way for us to gain insight into upcoming episodes of a show, learn behind the scenes tidbits, and so much more. At this year’s WonderCon, we were able to sit down with the cast and producers (McG and J. Miles Dale) of Freeform’s latest hit show, Shadowhunters.

The hit topics in each interview: that glorious alternate universe episode, 1.10: “This World Inverted”, and of course the relationship between Magnus Bane (Harry Shum Jr.) and Alec Lightwood (Matthew Daddario), most known to fans as ‘Malec’.

Executive Producers McG and J. Miles Dale, and Isaiah Mustafa (Luke Galloway):

McG and J. Miles Dale were asked specifically about the production of the alternate universe episode. What the lighting process was, and the deciding factor on how each character would act in said world. They particularly focused on Emeraude Toubia’s portrayal of nerdy, lovable AU!Izzy. With her adorable quirk and her Star Wars shirt, how can you not love her? “She can’t be a fantastic actress and that beautiful at the same time, and she is!” Hashtag fact right there. I personally want Isabelle’s nerdiness to shine in the real universe. The talk of keeping Isaiah’s character Luke’s werewolf secret hidden is also mentioned, including his new found “swagger” with the wolf now out of the bag.
What really threw me for a loop was J. Miles and McG talking about the props/objects they used from the original film! Such as: the necklace, door to the portal from the film being the door to the universe, and of course Magnus’ cats: Chairman Meow and Church. Aside from the cats, I did not pick up on the other references. McG and J. Miles continue to state that they embrace the original film adaption as much as possible. “It means that we’re always trying to listen and be respectful of the fandom, first and foremost,” McG says. How right you are.

Matthew Daddario (Alec Lightwood) and Harry Shum Jr. (Magnus Bane):
Everyone’s favorite shadowhunter and warlock duo (better known as ‘Malec’ to the fandom) were a delight. The chemistry these two have is certainly present. The pair both agreed that they loved each other’s opposite roles in the alternate universe episode. And like how everyone has already mentioned, nerdy Isabelle is their personal fave. I think that means the writers need to find a way for AU!Izzy to somehow magically appear in season two.
Given that the then-upcoming episode (1.12: “Malec” aired yesterday, 3/29), was set to be completely ‘Malec’-centric, we just had to ask the couple themselves what we could expect. “Names can be deceiving,” Matthew begins to explain. “We call our shoes sneakers, right? But they’re not really sneaking.” Daddario, always with the sarcasm and hilarious humor. “You call something Malec, doesn’t necessarily mean what it is.” He’s also a huge tease. They advise anyone going into ‘Malec’ to not have high expectations. Happy groans, not displeased ones! And whether Alec himself wants to admit it or not, he definitely is less uptight having met Magnus. They share their excitement for season two, and discuss their dream guest spots. Better Call Saul for both. “But every show is second to Shadowhunters. I want to make that clear,” Matthew notes. Definitely noted. Also, I’m just going to leave this here.
Katherine McNamara (Clary Fray) and Dominic Sherwood (Jace Wayland):

Love interests-turned-siblings, Katherine and Dominic, share their fondness of the alternate universe episode, as well. Both are super excited about season two (why wouldn’t they be?) and are curious as to what new characters are arriving at the Institute. Me too! With 1.11: “Blood Calls to Blood” being the last episode that aired, the pair got asked heaps about that “brother/sister bombshell”, including from us! Them being siblings is the last thing on their minds, what with all the crazy events that surround them. Katherine brings up an interesting point on how Clary has come into her own throughout this entire season. Jace thought he knew exactly who he was, until Valentine revealed he was his parent. Now Jace is almost in Clary’s position from the beginning moments of season one.
The two are completely stunned by how much this show has skyrocketed their careers. This is only the beginning, my faves. Katherine dives into Clary’s influence on young girls. “They make mistakes, and yet they still own up to them. They learn things. They have to ask for forgiveness, learn to forgive themselves, and it’s a learning process for these characters.” Preach, Kat! We tried to get spoilers on 1.13: “Morning Star”, but unfortunately they couldn’t say. Expect the ending to be of Game of Thrones proportions. Speaking of, if picked to star in their dream roles, Katherine would definitely pick GoT, while Dominic would literally eat someone to be on The Walking Dead. That’s, um…commitment, Dom.
Emeraude Toubia (Isabelle Lightwood) and Alberto Rosende (Simon Lewis):

Emeraude and Alberto are all smiles when thinking of the alternate universe episode. And yes, even Isabelle herself loved playing nerdy Isabelle. Bring her back, writers! Now that she’s not on set, Emeraude definitely misses her runes. You’ll get them back for season two! What isn’t shown in the video (our camera stopped filming due to a full memory card) is Alberto talking about vampire Simon and his reaction to finding about becoming a downworlder.
The Shadowhunters cast and producers didn’t just partake in these press room interviews. They had their own panel, discussing nothing but Shadowhunters spoilers (as much as they can) and upcoming season two plot-lines. Listed below are the highlights:
  • Katherine and Emeraude talk about the relationship between the two girls, Clary and Isabelle. (Or as I like to call them, Clizzy). They feel it’s important to display a positive relationship with two women to serve as role-models. “It’s time for girls to do that, to empower each other,” Emeraude adds. Couldn’t agree more.
  • No spoilers for the season finale or season two. The cast and producers are honestly just so thankful that the show got picked up because of how much of a cliffhanger the finale is.
  • McG invited a fan to kiss Dominic Sherwood! I’m not kidding
  • Harry mentioned that a bit of Magnus’ backstory would be told during 1.12: “Malec”. (And that it was.) McG requests more dance sequences from Magnus. I second this.
  • Lydia will be back for season two! And she is not the villain everyone thinks she is. I’m ready for her character arc!

Who’s excited for the sure-to-be cliffhanger of an episode, 1.13: “Morning Star”, the Shadowhunters season finale? And season two?

Shadowhunters’ season one finale airs Tuesday April 5th at 9/8c on Freeform!