Shadowhunters, S1 E11- Blood Calls to Blood

Shadowhunters S1E11- “Blood Calls to Blood”
Shadowhunters S1E11- “Blood Calls to Blood”

Hello old friend.

Having read the first book several times before seeing both the film and this series, I obviously know what happens in the book (I promise I’ll read more of the book series come Season 2). I was always wondering if the show would incorporate that “Clace” related bombshell. Turns out they did, to my surprise. I’ll get more into that and my thoughts about it towards the end. But first: Jace’s father, Michael Wayland, is back?!

We pick up right where the episode left off. Jace, injured from the demonic tentacle wound. Clary and Michael decide to take him to Luke’s pack at Jade Wolf. Why they went there instead of the Hotel Dumort for some blood, I’ll never know. I kid (kind of). Luke is a friend of course (who is super shocked to see Michael standing before him) and Simon is always there now, being ambassador to the werewolves and all. (Am I the only one worried sick about his Mom? You better go home on the daily, young man!) Simon actually is the one that gets the idea to give Jace a blood transfusion via blood bags Raphael has hidden. All he needs to do is a simple blackmail move on Raphael and several blood bags are his!

Shadowhunters S1E11- “Blood Calls to Blood”

Everyone needs to get in an “I almost died” work-out every now and then.

Because of the blood bags, Jace is healing quite rapidly and is good as new. Now it’s time for reunited father/son time. While Jace and Michael have work-out bonding and catch up after being “dead” for so long, Clary doesn’t trust Mr. Wayland in the slightest. Isn’t this the same guy that killed Jace’s falcon because the boy grew to love it? Now he’s Mr. Nice Guy and father of the year? Clary tries to confront Jace about it later, but they get too preoccupied on their intense feelings for each other. One passionate kiss follows another. And judging by the fade out of their hot make-out session, basically things went further. Much further. Hold the celebration just yet, Clace fans. The news is about to come.

Shadowhunters S1E11- “Blood Calls to Blood”

“The heart wants what it wants.”
“Don’t start singing Selena Gomez at me, Magnus. I haven’t forgotten about ‘Hands to Myself’.”

At the Institute, Isabelle’s trial is fast approaching. As in it’s this evening! Lydia even brought in a Silent Brother for the event. You know, in case Izzy gets her runes stripped. Gulp. Let’s all trend #PoorIzzy now. Alec tries to talk his fiancee into stopping all this nonsense. But “the law is the law,” she states. I know you want to throw every brick and stone at her right now, but just give her a second for redemption. The writers even confirmed at WonderCon that Lydia will be back for Season 2 and not the villain she originally was portrayed as.

With Lydia not thinking clearly (yet), Alec goes to his warlock boy-toy, Magnus, to at least get him to be Isabelle’s lawyer. He agrees on one condition. Magnus wants Alec, pro bono (yes, he meant that to mean what you think it means). That reference going over his head and given that he’s engaged, he declines. Alec does give Magnus his bow and quiver, though. True love’s sacrifice. From being annoyed he didn’t have his bow and arrow in 1.02, to giving his away: character development!

Shadowhunters S1E11- “Blood Calls to Blood”

Once they get over this trial and the wedding, could Lydia and Isabelle be friends? It’s possible.

During the trial, Magnus’ defense for Izzy lasts about 20 seconds. ‘Cause yes, he is that good. Well, that and the show is only 40-44 minutes. The judge is saying all the heinous things about Seelies and Downworlders, plus Isabelle’s involvement with them. When she is called to the stand, she gets asked primarily why she would protect such creatures and not always the shadowhunters kind. Isabelle goes on this touching speech about how yes, they are half angel. But they are also half mundane. They’re vulnerable, just as much as mundanes. Shouldn’t our hearts be filled with compassion and understanding for them? No one thinks this – except Lydia. After recess, Magnus questions her up on the stand. She states that yes “the law is the law”, but that doesn’t always make it right. She withdraws the charges and Isabelle is a free woman! Well after the Clave gets the Mortal Cup from Clary, spoiler alert: she does. Makes us wonder what changed Lydia’s mind. This is just the beginning of a beautiful, complex character arc for her and I am so ready for it!

Shadowhunters S1E11- “Blood Calls to Blood”

Two Waylands and a Werewolf walk into Renwick’s. (Say that three times fast.)

Clary, Jace, Luke, and Michael have issues of their own to focus on, like finding Valentine and Jocelyn. Michael states he knew his lair was at Renwick’s via all the info he gained from his locker days. Oddly enough when they arrive, no demons are guarding the entrance. This is Valentine’s plan of course. Mike, you sure know a lot about Valentine. They find Jocelyn in her potion-infused sleeping state. Clary tries to conjure the demons to find Valentine, but no use. Michael asks to use it, and after Clary gives it to him – nothing. It’s simple. Clary didn’t trust Michael, so she didn’t give the real cup to him. Good thinking, seeing how Mike is Valentine! He morphs into his true form and my mouth is wide open at this point. I know what’s coming next, but I don’t want it to. Immediately seeing He Who Must Also Not Be Named, Jace tries to kill him. But Valentine utters this one phrase to stop him: he is Jace’s father, and also Clary’s. Michael Wayland has been his disguise all these years. Whomp, there it is.

Shadowhunters S1E11- “Blood Calls to Blood”

When life gives you Clace siblings, make Climon-ade.(That sounded funnier in my head.)

Valentine asks for Jace (and probably Clary, too) to join his side and portals out of there. This is all sorts of awkward for Clace and I don’t blame them for feeling weird. Not for Simon, though. Luke gives him the brother/sister news and the new vamp immediately has a dopey grin on his face. Climon has a chance! Oh, too soon Clace fans?

The episode ends with a broody and sulky Clary and Jace thinking of their new family status. Well, I guess you can’t smell the flowers in Clary’s attic anymore, Jace. Sorry, buddy.

What did everyone think of 1.11: “Blood Calls to Blood” and the siblings bombshell?

As someone that loves it when TV series/films try to keep the feel of the book/book series and its events alive, ‘Clace’ turning out to be siblings like they were in the books, just doesn’t settle with me. Am I fond of Clary and Jace? Kind of. A lot more in the TV series, thanks to Katherine and Dominic’s chemistry and Dom’s portrayal of Jace. But now I’m afraid that even though the two are in fact siblings now, the writers are going to incorporate this “forbidden love” ordeal with the pair. I get it, they can’t just scrap all the development between the two. Ugh, I guess we’ll just have to see what the final two episodes of the season have in store. Next season, Shadowhunters should air before/after The Fosters; their adopted brother/sister romantic relationship with Brandon and Callie would make the perfect TV show lineup.

Get your best suits and dresses on for the next episode: we’re invited to Alec and Lydia’s wedding. And if not, we can just crash it, like Magnus!

1.12: “Malec” airs tonight (March 29th) at 9/8c on Freeform.
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You have been warned: next recap will most likely be incoherent due to all the ‘Malec’ feels I will be having.