The Walking Dead, S6 Ep15 – East

The penultimate episode of The Walking Dead season six saw a lot of characters leaving a place of safety to foolishly head straight into danger, while others had long overdue conversations. It also ended on a frustrating cliffhanger that may or may not have shown us the demise of one of the main characters.

The Walking Dead, S6 Ep15 - EastA busy episode but not one of the show’s best. While we all knew that Carol would be leaving for her self-imposed exile last week, I don’t think I expected so many people to go off after her. And so many main characters at that. Main characters who are the most capable fighters and who, considering the imminent threat of Savior retaliation, should really have stayed behind to defend Alexandria.

Rick and Morgan went off to find Carol while Daryl left the compound in a rage to try and finish off Dwight. And then Glenn, Michonne, and Rosita went after him, leaving Alexandria with a weak defense. Did we really have to see so many characters make bone-headed decisions right before the big and bloody finale?

The Walking Dead, S6 Ep15 - EastThis episode was not without its merits, though, as it opened with an awesome sequence of Carol gunning down several Saviors with a machine gun cleverly hidden in her jacket sleeve. While genuinely upset about being forced to kill people again, she was still able to take out the enemies effectively, once more using their tendency to underestimate her to her advantage. You don’t mess with Nancy from Montclair.

Rick and Morgan also shared some interesting scenes together, discussing their differing philosophies about the value of human life. Morgan also finally told Rick about everything that went down in the first half of the season, what with sparing the life of the Wolf and all that. He then proposes to look for Carol on his own while Rick returns to Alexandria. Morgan has been underused in this back half of the season, and he and Carol would have a more interesting dynamic now. Hopefully, we’ll get to see more of them next season.

Rick and Michonne had some adorable moments together early in the episode, showing domestic bliss, something so rare in The Walking Dead. They were cuddling in bed and munching apples and just generally being so good together. I’m glad we get to see them happy before the huge and bloody season ender next week.

Really? REALLY?

Really? REALLY?

In an exasperating turn of events Glenn and Michonne get captured by Dwight and his crew, and then Dwight and co. even manage to sneak up on Daryl. This leads to the annoying cliffhanger ending of the episode, complete with exaggerated blood spatter on the screen. We don’t need another fake out death on The Walking Dead and I really don’t think this would be the way Daryl would go, if he ever would. There’s enough going on in the story that this “shocking” moment was completely unnecessary. But it certainly raises the stakes for everyone and leaves the community in a way more precarious position than it ever was. The Saviors are out for blood, and there’s no doubt that they’re going to get it.

Next week on The Walking Dead, the big finale: