First glimpse of Negan in The Walking Dead promo

The Walking Dead promo NeganThe short promo clip for the season six finale of The Walking Dead finally gives us a first look at Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan.

The finale which, as previously reported, will be 90 minutes long, will also feature the first appearance of this iconic villain from the comics. The few quick flashes of his character in the promo, along with the voice over – “Hi, I’m Negan” – also show his trademark weapon, a barbed-wire decorated baseball bat that he fondly calls Lucille.

According to a report by IGN, series creator Robert Kirkman recently discussed the challenges of adapting a foul-mouthed character like Negan to the small screen. He said:

“…there are certain words that try as I might, we are not allowed to say on AMC, and those are certain words that Negan likes to say.”

He added simply that the “extras will be extra-special on Blu-ray.”

The Walking Dead season 6 finale airs on April 3 on AMC.

Check out the promo here: