Castle S8 Ep15 – Fidelis Ad Mortem

Well, I’m glad to say this episode pleasantly surprised me twice, once in an important way. Maybe there’s still hope for the rest of the season after all.

Recruit Decker, aka Beckett 2.0, was an interesting enough character. I wonder if she'll show up again.

Recruit Decker, aka Beckett 2.0, was an interesting enough character, and a decent foil for Beckett.

A young NYPD Academy recruit, Danny Bardot, is found murdered, with an NYPD-registered weapon’s bullet in his back. Only his fellow company members had access to that weapon, so they’re now all under suspicion. So Captain Beckett goes sort-of undercover at her old stomping grounds, the place where she set all kinds of records because she’s that awesome. Ostensibly she’s there to find out about Bardot as well as be a guest instructor. In reality, she’s checking out which of his company is guilty.

From the very beginning, the episode sets up two possible bad guy authority figures at the Academy – or at least, as involved in the crime. There’s the old chestnut of the sergeant, the same one who trained Beckett. There’s also the deputy commissioner, the boss, played by James Morrison of 24 fame – aka Recognizable Guest Star Syndrome. At first it looks like the sergeant sniffed out Bardot as a mole for the Irish mob and killed him. But then it turns out, nope, it’s James Morrison’s character. Bardot found out he was skimming from the city, so the commissioner followed him and shot him. But when the commissioner tries to kill Beckett and pin it on the sergeant, Beckett uses her skills at the training obstacle course to take him down, instead. Because she is, in fact, that awesome. And her sergeant doesn’t die, which is also good. Meanwhile, maybe Alexis can take a break from teaching ESOL and half-running Castle’s detective agency to step in as the new deputy commissioner!! She’s totally qualified, what are you talking about?

Thanks for not going the most cliched route this time, show. I like that the sergeant was still a good guy.

Thanks for not going the most cliched route this time, show. I like that the sergeant was still a good guy.

The other plotline this week, speaking of the Castle family, is Castle wondering whether or not he should tell Beckett what the video he recorded for himself said about LOCKSAT. Remember how in the last episode, pre-memory-wipe Rick told his future self to keep it a secret from Beckett to protect her? Remember how I combusted with rage that he might do the same thing she did to him? Well, thankfully, Rick takes Hayley’s advice (and stays true to his character): he tells Kate what he knows. And Kate stays true to the better-written parts of her character by being angry and upset, but finally deciding that she and Rick need to work together on LOCKSAT now. Rick is all for this plan. And that’s great, but once again, two-thirds of the season has been wasted with Caskett not working together on this. I’m guessing they still have to hide their relationship status from possible watching eyes, too. We’ll find out in two weeks! Because yes, there’s another break next week.

What did you think of this ep? Did you enjoy seeing Beckett have a chance to show off her skills and smarts? Let us know in the comments!