The Walking Dead, S6 Ep14 – Twice as Far

This was a relatively quiet episode of The Walking Dead, except for the last few minutes, which were a thrilling and tragic lead up to the last two episodes of the season. The focus was on two groups of minor characters (with only a brief scene with Rick), and there were some interesting interactions and moving character moments.

The episode opened with a few minutes showing the routine of life in Alexandria during the new “regime,” if you will. Everything follows a set pattern, everyone knows his or her place, while others, like Carol and Morgan, still spend a lot of their downtime reflecting on their philosophies in life.

The Walking Dead, S6 Ep14 - Twice as FarTwo groups of characters go on a supply run. Eugene has a great idea of manufacturing bullets, which I’m surprised no one else on the show has thought of before. He’s right about their ammunition being finite while their need is infinite, and I hope his idea gets worked on. Everyone in town is going to need as much ammunition as possible for the bloody conflicts we know are coming.

Eugene said something a bit silly to Abraham about no longer needing his services. And my reaction was pretty much the same as Abraham’s. But by the end of the episode, after Eugene found an opportune moment to bite Dwight in the dong and to give his companions an opening to attack the latest group of Saviors, I could not help but be impressed by Eugene’s skills. He’s certainly improved from the first time we saw him and has proven that he can survive in this new world.

The Walking Dead, S6 Ep14 - Twice as FarDenise too proved herself in this episode by joining Rosita and Daryl on a supply run to an apothecary. She decided to confront the horrors of the world head-on and she triumphed, even though Daryl and Rosita thought her reckless. She acquitted herself creditably considering she was only just being confronted by the repulsiveness of The Walking Dead.

She also shared great moments with her companions, talking to Rosita about fighting skills and bonding with Daryl over dead brothers. Denise gave a powerful speech about courage and finding one’s way in the world, a triumphant moment cut short by an arrow to the eye. Denise was one of the most interesting and capable characters from Alexandria and I was sorry to see her go. But she had a lot of great scenes and connected with many of the characters so her death will not go unnoticed.

I wish we could have learned more about Rosita, though, and it seemed at the start of the episode that this was going to happen. Hopefully we get more insight into her character as the series progresses, because there’s so much we still don’t know about her and she’s been with the group for a while now.

The Walking Dead, S6 Ep14 - Twice as FarThe confrontation with Dwight and his goons is only the latest in a series of failed attempts by the Saviors to defeat the Alexandrians. Which is great for the moment, but spells major danger ahead. I’m just glad Daryl got his crossbow back this week. He’s going to need it.

Carol made a strange decision at the end of the episode to go into self-exile because she feels unable to kill anymore. And she believes that the only way to survive and to love someone is to be able to kill for them. While her reluctance to take human life has been developing over the last few episodes, this decision seems a bit peculiar. But I’m just glad she isn’t dead yet and this departure opens the doors for her swooping in and saving the day again like she did in Terminus.

Only two weeks left in this season of The Walking Dead; next week things get even more intense as we head towards the finale: