Shadowhunters, S1 E10- This World Inverted

Shadowhunters S1E10- “This World Inverted"
Shadowhunters S1E10- “This World Inverted"

I guess that makes Clary ‘Alice’ in this Wonderland-centric universe.

Hope you guys love Alice in Wonderland, ’cause this episode has the most product placement I’ve ever seen in a movie/TV show. Are you sure Meliorn didn’t send Clary into an Alice in Wonderland obsessed world?

Remember the necklace Jocelyn gave Clary? Well, it also acts as a portal to an alternate universe. To find Valentine in this dimension, all she has to do is find the portal in this AU, find someone to magic up said portal (Magnus, duh), and not get trapped in the wonderful magic/demon-free world of it all. If anyone can do it, Clary can.

As usual, the Clave doesn’t know about these other inter-dimensional doorways, meaning Jace can’t tag along. This is all up to Clary, no pressure. She hands Jace the Mortal Cup infused tarot card and steps into the unknown world that awaits her. With no demons, magic (sort of), or shadowhunters, who knows what to expect.

Shadowhunters S1E10- “This World Inverted"

“Is this from one of your cosplay skits?”
“No, killing you is just ‘the dream’.”

A family dinner definitely doesn’t come to mind. But there her Mom and Valentine are, awaiting the return of their college student daughter. Clary is relieved to see Jocelyn standing before her. Her father, Valentine, not so much. Her forms of welcome are a hug for her Mom and an attempt at murder via a butter knife for Valentine. AU!Valentine not being the known evil leader, he just takes this to be one of Clary’s artistic skits. Can we get this Valentine in seasons to come? He’s so lovable, fun, and such a Dad, something real life Valentine obviously isn’t.

Back in reality, word gets out about Meliorn’s rescue and Isabelle is the first to blame. Lydia “following the rules” Branwell arrests her, to Alec’s dismay. What did you expect, Alec? For your lady beard to sweep this under the rug? Let’s all just hope that someone can whip up a rune and save Izzy.

Shadowhunters S1E10- “This World Inverted"

Mother and Daughter finally reunited! Sort of…

At Jade Wolf, Simon hilariously assumes he can just walk in and his undead presence won’t freak out the wolves. Luke being the alpha and Simon’s longtime friend, calms the wolves down. Luke and Simon, everyone’s new favorite brotp (Lukmon?) actually has an adorable story-line throughout this episode. When I say adorable, I mean they bond over getting the Internal Affairs guy from Major Arcana to believe Luke is innocent and not a mass murderer. They do this by putting the entire blame on Simon and then “killing him”. Seeing Simon all bad-ass and “evil”, puts a completely different light on his character. Alberto Rosende could definitely play a villainous character in the future. Just not during your run on Shadowhunters, okay?

Shadowhunters S1E10- “This World Inverted"

“Hey Simon, congratulates on the Sizzy move-in. And the sex.”

What’s interesting about the Shadowhunters‘ alternate universe is how much our characters both stay the same and how they differ. For instance, Simon is back to his adorkable “nerd hot” self, but so is Izzy! Glasses and Star Wars shirts really suit you, girl! Jace does not run a tattoo shop like we all thought he would, but instead the local coffee truck where all the cool nerds hang out. My favorite AU character portrayal is definitely Alec. Gone is the anger-based personality. In its place is the “out and proud”, male model-esque Alec we all crave. He basically looks like the most popular guy at his all-boys boarding school. A kiss from AU!Jace later and Clary is swept up in this alternate world. That is, until she sees a commercial for a tarot card reader that’s none other than our boy, Magnus Bane. Magic is in this world somewhere, and Clary knows Magnus is just the right lead to find it.

Shadowhunters S1E10- “This World Inverted"

“Help me and I’ll plan yours and Alec’s future wedding.”

Too bad Magnus doesn’t want anything to do with it. He’d much rather take care of his cats, Chairman Meow and Church. Besides, there’s no such thing as Shadowhunters anymore.That and his powers are dormant. Using her special skills of speed drawing various demons gets Magnus’ attention and desire to restore his powers. Clary’s portal necklace does the trick. And he knows where this world’s portal is. Why, the Institute of course! Good thing, Valentine is throwing a mad party there. Its theme: Through the Looking Glass. And the Alice Through the Looking Glass product placement starts.

As Clary starts her search for the portal, events in the real world cause things to affect the alternate universe. Thinking of any possible way to save his sister from her fate, Alec decides to hand the Mortal Cup over to Lydia and the Clave. Too bad Jace stole it last episode and that everyone knew this but him. Realizing this, Alec asks Hodge to get in contact with his parabatai. To do this, a lot of pain and a shirtless Alec is involved. Yelling out your parabatai’s name from pain in front of your fiancee isn’t exactly the best thing to do. Things aren’t that great on Jace’s side, when a demon manages to enter the alternate universe! A demon at the Through the Looking Glass Party, this just won’t do. Real-life Jace must enter the alternate dimension to destroy the demons before they throw off the party mood!

Shadowhunters S1E10- “This World Inverted"

Even in this alternate universe, Magnus and Alec are the cutest ever. With an added bonus of “out and proud” Alec Lightwood.

Valentine’s party has everything/everyone decked out in my favorite color of purple. I forgot to mention how in love with the cinematography I am in this alternate dimension. The colors are so vibrant and beautiful! Through the Looking Glass is displayed on every wall, and there’s even a 4D app to turn into one of the Alice in Wonderland characters, because – product placement!
Valentine and Jocelyn act like a high school prom king and queen, Simon asks Izzy to move in with him, and Malec have yet another adorable meet-cute. This time it’s Alec that’s the outspoken and flirty one. Give me more, please.

All is well in this alternate world, until the demon arrives to crash the party. Phew, just when Clary was getting sucked in. AU!Jace is not the hero in this world. That would be Clary, who roundhouse kicks the demon. AU!Jace doesn’t sit and cry for much longer, because real life Jace sets in. Real life Jace that is now injured thanks to the demon. Clace finally finds the portal and hops in through. Using the memory of Valentine’s contact with her through the necklace, Clary and Jace’s destination out of the portal is Valentine’s warehouse. Writhing in pain from the demon, Jace starts to draw a healing rune when he hears a noise coming from a locker. What he finds in the locker shocks him to the core. Or I should say who.

“This can’t be. I saw you die,” Clary hears Jace say. Everyone, meet Jace’s father. The father that has supposedly been dead this whole time. Great, now we have more questions than answers.

What did everyone think of 1.10: “This World Inverted”? What universe did you like more? Did the episode’s massive amounts of product placement convince anyone to see Alice Through the Looking Glass?

Next episode, 1.11: “Blood Calls to Blood” airs Tuesday at 9/8c on Freeform.

The trailer can be viewed below.

The title alone makes me wonder if they’re going to incorporate a certain story-line from the books into the show.