Daredevil S2, E7-13 Review

The second half of Daredevil season two left viewers open mouthed. From the return of old friends and some foes to several revelations, the only thing that was for sure was the set number of episodes Daredevil had for everything to come to fruition. With the sneaky whispering and hints of something more to come, no one is quite sure what they are in for even at the end.

Frank Castle certainly seems to be his own worst enemy. From refusing to accept post traumatic stress disorder as an insanity plea to rioting in the court room he is only hurting himself. Not to mention prison escapes and more bloodshed. One thing is certain: you do not want to do anything remotely bad when the Punisher is around. He will get your ass.

Matt’s world is crumbling around him. Rather than preparing for the case of a lifetime he’s too busy being Daredevil and spending the night on the town with Elektra facing bad guys. Her constant appearances even risk the case as Elektra involves herself in the trial, making things take another turn for the worse. The multiple secrets she has are nothing good for Matt, and the influence Elektra has on him only pulls him further from those he once cared for most. Even if he did truly love Elektra at one point, the man Matt has become is so different from the one he was it physically hurts to see him go down this path. Too bad his Daredevil side seems to love being around her.

With Matt’s inability to keep track of all his boiling pots Foggy continues to take charge. Daredevil S2 E2Most especially with the State verses Castle case. It certainly leads to some of the best acting. Delivering mind opening speeches and handling testimony isn’t Foggy’s only high point. No, the best scenes are the fights. It doesn’t even matter that they are of an emotional nature. Foggy telling Matt not to bother coming back and the dissolving of Nelson & Murdock are some of the saddest scenes. Everyone but Matt himself can see he is pushing people away as he is struggling. His fight with Karen over her view of the Punisher regarding Daredevil and what is right or wrong certainly illuminates his internal struggle.

As these episodes come to an end it seems our favorite group is going their separate ways. With Foggy to Hogarth, Karen to the newspaper, and Matt left to what he believes is his true self acted out in Daredevil. If only he could give Karen the truth about where he sneaks off to and who that woman in his bed was. Then again, maybe she just needs to open her damn eyes. How can she be so stupid when Daredevil touches her the same way Matt does? Or better yet, how can Karen be so smart about some things but stupid about others?

Although some of the end fight scenes seem a bit unrealistic, Daredevil does end in grand style with a rooftop fight at night for everyone to see. New friends come to help out and save his ass, as others sacrificed themselves. An ending like that leaves so many questions. All of the dead characters returning this season bring about the question: who will return for the next one? Will the Punisher play a role next season as a partner in crime for Daredevil? Then the glimpses into Karen’s past allowed for viewers to see there is a lot more to this woman, and makes us wonder if we will be able to see it next season.

Last but not least, all of the Jessica Jones references certainly were a win and a great way to begin to set the scene for the upcoming Defenders series. They took many forms, ranging from how angry the district attorney is about the mess Jessica found herself in, to a guest appearance of Geri Hogarth and her reference to friends with special abilities. My personal favorite had to be when Foggy meets Claire in the hospital looking for their shared friend, and she reveals that helping the super strong Luke Cage came at a personal cost to her, which results in further mayhem for Claire at the hands of Daredevil.