iZombie, S2 E13- The Whopper

iZombie S2E13- “The Whopper”
iZombie S2E13- “The Whopper”

Rajor. Men who find corpses together, stay together.

Still combing the grounds of Seattle for the necessary corpse filled with utopium, Rajor come across a different body entirely. Seeing how they can’t exactly leave it there (that and Ravi’s job is related to the law), Major and Ravi make up some stupid excuse that they’re taken up geocashing and stumbled upon this body. Well it’s half true.
The corpse, our brain/case of the week is: Corey “Big Fish” Carp. His nickname is due to his need to fabricate anything and everything about his life. Take the girl that identifies the body that claims he’s an FBI Agent.
Liv eating this brain comes up with quite the whoppers. But it’s the lies that everyone tells everyday that bother her. Some are white lies, like Ravi ignoring Clive’s remarks that Liv takes on the characteristics of each case. Some lies we tell in order to save ourselves; like Major not spilling about Max Rager business to Blaine (I’ll explain that in a bit). Then there are the lies we want the truth to. Like: how Liv probably feels about Drake. She wants answers and she’s not getting any! Soon Liv, soon.

iZombie S2E13- “The Whopper”

Clive: “So treasures for children?”
Ravi: “It’s more about the joy of discovery.”

Before I get into the brain/case of the week, I’d like to mention my favorite story-line in this episode. Blaine and Major, partners? It all starts when Don E and Cheif capture the Chaos Killer (Major) as a present of sorts. Lord knows he could use the pick me up after getting nothing from his Dad’s will.
Major and Blaine share this look with each other like, “Not you again.” But it’s okay guys! This isn’t Meat Cute status. It’s “we’re actually working together” status! After a bit of solidarity confinement, Major spills everything but the who for his new zombie slaying job.
It’s then that Blajor/Mlaine make a deal: Major can kill zombies Blaine specifies and Blaine’s eventually going to find out about Max Rager. Please use your evil powers for good. Stop Vaughn before he actually does something detrimental to zombies everywhere. Another favor Blaine asks of Major is for his ‘Popsicle’ out of his freezer. Dude wants to have a few words with him. Like how dare he give the abusive Frau Bader loads of money, but not Blaine (well technically Blaine would only get this money if his death isn’t linked to any foul play). Major does as told and we get to see a more vulnerable side to Blaine as he confronts his father.
After Blaine hilariously tries to convince his Dad years have passed, he gets down to the revengeful monologue,. Why would he give money to the woman that abused him as a child? Let alone his father not saying anything about it? This definitely gets our utmost sympathy for Blaine. Could he become a reformed villain after all? Seeing how other CW shows like The Vampire Diaries (Damon Salvatore), and The Originals (Klaus Mikaelson) have done it, it’s quite likely.

iZombie S2E13- “The Whopper”

Sometimes lies are unavoidable. Especially for a pathological brain.

Like I said before, Liv is head over heels for Drake. And she isn’t even on “erotica librarian” brain anymore! The b word (boyfriend) is mentioned, but she still doesn’t know Drake. This results in another one of iZombie‘s well written monologues, “Everyone lies. It’s a coping mechanism. A key survival trait. Show me someone who always tells the truth, and I’ll show you a weirdo. But maybe the most dangerous lies are the ones we tell ourselves.” She’s constantly questioned Drake’s honesty, and that definitely continues to be a occurrence. While Drake backs out of visiting the dead utopium corpse’s house, Liv visits anyway. And accidentally, she has a vision. A vision that involves Big Fish and the pre-dead Utopium corpses! She knows the location of the Utopium corpse!

Can you hear the zombies sing? Singing a song of a possible cure? The episode ends with the most musically stimulating and thematic moment I’ve ever seen on television. Les Mis’ “Our Day More” scoring Major, Liv and Ravi finding the Utopium body! Happy day! There’s cheers, bursts of joy, you name it! The same can’t be said for Blaine’s father, who gets tortured by Candy and Cheif until he changes his will. Terrible but effective.

Next recap: After Ravi’s favorite coffee shop owner dies, Liv tries to solve her murder case by embracing said owner’s positive and peppy filled brain.