Daredevil S2, Episodes 2-6 Review

The character development that takes place for Foggy in the first half of Daredevil is astounding. The emotional turmoil the he experiences in possibly losing his friend on a physical and emotional level is heartbreaking. He just wants to save his friend’s life, as Matt is certainly on a destructive streak with his Daredevil alter ego. Foggy is ultimately aware of the cost Daredevil could bring Matt and how that will affect all those who care about him. It’s just sad that one of Marvel’s best bromances seems to be a bit one sided, with Foggy’s heart clearly more likely to get hurt. The best part of the conflicted relationship between Foggy and Matt is how it allows Foggy to come into his own. Delivering opening statements, eye opening speeches, and beginning to take his own risks.

In fact, while Daredevil has taken Matt away from his day job, it allows for everyone in his life to actually stop catering to his excellence. His cocky attitude is actually more of a downfall this season. There’s Karen, worried that the myth and legend we all know as Daredevil is actually what created the demonized Punisher. Unsure what is right or wrong Karen feels a tie to Punisher, as she is frequently finding herself in danger. Who is to decide what and how justice is served? Taking curiosity into her own hands Karen wants to get to the bottom of things and engages in her own investigation into the Punisher. This allows for her to take leaps forward as she takes on a detective role.

Rightly so, Matt and Foggy are not thrilled by this development. They both have information Karen is Daredevil S2 E2blind to. Then again, love does tend to be blinding. With Claire taking a step back from her involvement with Matt comes an open door for a new love interest. Yep, that’s right – following in line with the Daredevil comics is the Karen/Matt “will they or won’t they.” I’m talking missed glances, soft caresses, moments in the rain, and even dates.

Oh, and Karen isn’t the only person Matt’s kissing. That is right folks: Matt is a player. It seems that not only does Daredevil have alter egos for day and night, but he has alter egos of his heart. Stuck between what he wants and the thrill that his old friend Elektra produces within him again is a new challenge that tantalizes Matt. Their relationship really is a version of insanity, and makes viewers question who the hell Matt used to be when he was with her. Just when you think you know what is going on the story changes just enough so viewers are flabbergasted. The writing really does set up the cast to take it to another level.

However, personal development also comes with sacrifices. Sacrifice. The only thing the Punisher might be all too aware of. More than Matt ever dreamed of. Not only does retribution versus law fighting lead to some great rain-filled rooftop fight scenes, it leads to moral choices and the attempt to define what is right or wrong and why the hell Matt is so special he gets to decide. One of the best scenes hands down is when the Punisher’s story is revealed. The anguish, pain, and anger mixed across his face with defeat is undeniably world changing. You can’t hate someone who is a product of the horrible world we live in.

What did you think of the moral dilemmas our favorite red masked man faced in the first half of Daredevil? Is Matt making all the wrong choices with his new cocky attitude, or is the situation of living a double life finally catching up with him? Let us know your thoughts below.