Daredevil S2, E1

All thirteen episodes of Daredevil’s season 2 debuted last night on Netflix. The first episode was all about kicking ass and taking names. Our favorite man in a tight red suit picked up right where he left us as the end of season one, saving his neighborhood from the common criminal. You know, just another day in Hell’s Kitchen.

One thing is for certain. Matt’s friends, or at least those who know, are worried about his Daredevil alter ego. Then there’s just the point where Foggy misses his friend and is rightly worried. The repercussions if Matt was caught or unmasked as Daredevil could result in an end to Murdock and Nelson forever. Then again, maybe a part of him is just tired of lying to Karen and covering for Matt as she gets suspicious of all the bruises and lacerations she sees on a daily basis.

The thought behind this episode has undertone notes weighing back and forth between the greater ramifications and the fact that the point of Daredevil is that he is doing what the law cannot. Saving the people of Hell’s Kitchen the way required in a corrupt world. If Matt didn’t encompass all that is Daredevil, who would protect the citizens?

Bigger than protecting the citizens, is the hole that was created at the enDaredevil S2 E1d of season 1. With Fisk gone, everyone is fighting for his leftovers. His whole mill is up for grabs, with all the baddies in Hell’s Kitchen wanting to take a chance at grabbing the power. Daredevil really couldn’t go without a greater power to fight against, now could he?

Complicating issues is the inability to tell who is good or bad. Maybe that’s because good and bad, right or wrong isn’t necessarily so black and white as we all would like to believe. Life is so much more complicated than that. This is something that the Nelson/Murdock duo is already facing fifty minutes in. With bad groups dying on a grand scale and others seeking solace ready to give up their horrific days once facing death in the eye, the hunt begins to figure out who this squad of killers really is.

Which leads us to the introduction of the Punisher. Although his appearance is brief, he certainly knows how to make an entrance. Refusing to care about who you are – cop, robber, good, or bad – all that matters is that he has a score to settle. Even Karen learns if you get in the way then you better watch out. As per the usual, Daredevil has to learn things the hard way and fight it out. Night rooftop fights between two dark figures, one in a tight suit, can we really ask for more as fans?

What did you think of the first episode? Did it live up to the hype?