Daredevil Season 2 Premieres at Midnight

Season 2 of Daredevil debuts tonight at midnight, premiering Elektra and the Punisher. With the last trailer released yesterday before all thirteen episodes release at the strike of midnight one thing is for sure: this season promises to be a full out war.

One would think that after the King Pin vanished things would take on a calmer atmosphere as Hell’s kitchen picked up the pieces. So not the case in Daredevil’s neighborhood. In fact, he might just have to team up with others rather than continue to go it alone if they are going to defeat the bad guy this time.

Our favorite guy in a red suit will face his own internal struggles between right and wrong, just and fair while he faces his friends and foes all taking sides around him. Can he save the city? Or will it mean giving his life? Even more worrisome is how his innate need to protect the city he loves will impact his friendships.

Worse yet will be the impact navigating the fine line between his own moral codes has on his soul. Danger, darkness, and retribution can only surround someone for so long before the break, right? Or can Daredevil use this murky world he runs amidst to become even greater?

You’re about to dive into a deep, twisted story line and what side you come out no one knows. As viewers found out last season, the right choices are never easy and even harder to implement. What cost will be exacted from Daredevil this season? Will it be Claire? Foggy? Karen? Or someone new like Elektra, who obviously has a past with red masked man.

What kind of atrocities will Daredevil find in Hell’s Kitchen this season? Tune in at midnight to find out. Better yet, binge season one and watch the final trailer to tell us what you are most looking forward to.