MTV’s ‘Scream’ Announces Second Season Date and New Cast Members!

MTV Scream Season 2

There’s a new masked killer in town.

You thought the murders and mayhem were over. Think again. Yesterday (March 10th), MTV finally revealed the season 2 premiere date of the slasher movie-turned slasher series, Scream. Can I get a drum roll via some butcher knives or other classic murder weapons? The second season of Scream premieres on May 31st at 10/9c! With the announcement of the air date comes the first promotional photo of the season. From the photo alone, it looks as though someone else will be donning the Brandon James mask. (Please don’t be Audrey. Please don’t be Audrey).

Dying to know what’s expected to go down this season? We’ve been given various teasers to the plot and new character additions.
The series picks up a few months after Piper Shaw’s killer reveal and ultimate demise. The murders are over and all is right in Lakewood. For the time being of course. Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) spent a few months away at a retreat as a murder detox, if you will. Girl’s got a lot to get over. Finding out she had a half-sister, finding out said half-sister was the killer, and seeing countless amounts of dead bodies/death scenes. Noah (John Karna) is doing the exact opposite of Emma. He’s putting his horror movie knowledge and the history of Lakewood to use by figuring out the real goings-on behind the first season’s murders. Let’s just hope the Bicurious to his Virgin, Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus), isn’t behind any of those. Given that someone keeps contacting her anonymously; someone who knows the truth. What is it? I gotta know! Brooke (Carlson Young) and Jake (Tom Maden) fans (ship name: Mitzgerald) are in for a treat. The two are secretly dating behind Brooke’s father’s back. Unlike Brooke’s rendezvous with Mr. Branson/Palmer, their relationship is actually legal. I’m interested to see where their relationship will go and how it affects them. Brooke has definitely defrosted from her “Ice Queen” role and Jake is a lot less douchey. Oh and of course, Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) and his hair is slated to make a return.

Since this is a show where people die on the daily, you need to have people to kill off, don’t you? (Not that I’m saying these characters are automatically going to die, but it happens). Meet the new characters of Scream:

  •  Zoe (played by: Kiana Ledé): an overachiever type student with a secret. (So like every high school student.)
  • Karen Lang (played by: Austin Highsmith): the school’s psychology teacher who becomes a mentor to her students. Just don’t get involved with any high student and I’ll like your character.
  • Tina Hudson (played by: Karina Logue): she may seem prim and proper, but she has a sneaky con-artist like approach about her.
  • Eli (played by: Sean Grandillo): Kieran’s cousin. He acts like the perfect person, but he sounds like your typical bad boy. Could he cause trouble for Kieran and Emma’s relationship, perhaps? I’m glad that Kieran still has family, though.
  • Sheriff Michael Acosta (played by: Anthony Ruivivar): There’s a new sheriff in town. With the passing of Sheriff Hudson, Lakewood was definitely in need of a new one. Let’s just hope this one keeps his intestines. To be safe, don’t fall in love with Emma’s Mom.
  • Gustavo (played by: Santiago Segura): Part-Kieran, Part-Noah. He’s the brooding mysterious new boy, but he loves a good comic book and horror story. Oh and he’s the Sheriff’s son. Is he the replacement for Noah and/or Kieran if they get killed?

Thoughts on the new cast or new season plot?

When it was revealed in November that Scream’s showrunners, Jill Blotevogel and Jaime Paglia, were stepping down, I was a little worried what that meant for our beloved show and characters. I’m curious how season two will play out in comparison to the first. I’m sure Blotevogel and Paglia have very different visions than the new showrunners, Michael Gans and Richard Register.

The new season of Scream airs May 31st at 10/9c on MTV!

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