Shadowhunters, S1 E8- Bad Blood

Shadowhunters S1E08- “Bad Blood”

We’ve got bad blood indeed. From Simon’s life literally in Clary’s hands, to Valentine sending a Forsaken the werewolves’ way, to everyone hating on this new girl in town, Lydia Branwell (Stephanie Bennett). You’ll hate her (or try your hardest to in my case), too. She gets in the way of Malec after all.

The episode begins with an intruder alarm blaring through the Institute. It’s probably just Simon pissed ’cause he can’t get in. It’s Simon all right, and vampire Raphael holding a dead Simon. Camille clearly got too into her food, I see. With Simon in his current state, Clary blames herself completely. There she was running around with Jace trying to find the Mortal Cup, blowing off Simon in the process. I gotta tell ya, Katherine McNamara floored me with emotions throughout the entire episode. She brought all the waterworks to the table. Someone put an award in this girl’s hand, pronto!

Shadowhunters S1E08- “Bad Blood”

“Are you going to ruin my brother’s chance at a happy relationship with his boy, Magnus?”

Let me calm your nerves: Simon is not 100% dead. He has the opportunity to be brought back to life by becoming a vampire. Okay, so he won’t be alive technically and he’ll have to sleep in a coffin (they’re gold, Raphael adds), but it’ll keep Clary at ease.

While Clary and Jace try to figure out what to do about Simon’s predicament, the rest of the Institute has to deal with their own problems. Problem #1: Lydia Branwell. The Clave has assigned her to be a babysitter of sorts to the Shadowhunters at the Institute. She surely is a stickler for the rules. So much in fact that Maryse Lightwood doesn’t even like her. Lightwoods and Branwells are family friends, so they have to be civil. I should add that Lydia walked in glamoured as Valentine, that’s how much we’re supposed to hate her. Myself, I feel like I’ll love to hate her (and eventually love her, who am I kidding). She’s not all bad, she has a heart and a touching backstory as we later find out. For instance, she was planning on running away with the love of her life (of whom her parents disapproved) only for him to be killed. She’s been controlling ever since.

Shadowhunters S1E08- “Bad Blood”

Hodge please don’t die, you’re too hot!

When word gets out that a strange zombie-like being (later discovered to be a forsaken) attacked Luke and his pack, Lydia insists on investigating, with Alec tagging along. It’s pretty obvious who the number one suspect is for whomever brought this zombie guy upon Luke. His former parabatai, Valentine. They believe Valentine could be going after ex-Circle members. Someone has to protect Hodge, and unbeknownst to Alec, his parents.

Shadowhunters S1E08- “Bad Blood”

Isabelle is not too keen on Lydia destroying her Malec ship.

The Institute has a highly trained expert on figuring out what the zombie-like creature is. Magnus, of course. His assistant? “Hot Scientist Isabelle”. The two talk about everything from “what the heck is this thing” to “when the heck are you and Alec going to be a thing?” Neither question has an answer at this time. However, later Isabelle does discover the creature has angel blood in its system. As I mentioned earlier, it’s a Forsaken, aka what happens to mundanes when they get runes burned into them. Ouch. What everyone else and myself are wondering: is this Valentine’s army? Given the way it took five werewolves to knock it out and later Hodge and Alec, we’re in for some trouble.

Do you remember when it was mentioned that Alec needed to marry someone in order to save his family’s name? He’s found his wife (and beard) in Lydia. Lightwood’s name is restored and Lydia gets go co-run the Institute. Win-win, right? No, I’m sure Magnus has a good enough name/status, marry him!

Shadowhunters S1E08- “Bad Blood”

All this photo needs is Magnus to Alec’s rescue & I’d get it framed.

Clary ultimately makes the decision to turn Simon into a vampire. At least he’ll sort of be alive. Clary and invisible Jace go to Simon’s house to explain his whereabouts to Simon’s Mom, but she can’t bring herself to do it. I don’t blame you; there isn’t a right way to say your son’s dead but will soon be undead.

That night, they bury Simon to complete the transition. Vampire Camille isn’t too fond of having her food taken from her. Raphael manages to turn every vampire against her and I don’t know if we’ll see her ever again. Oh and Clary punched her in the face. It was awesome.

Once risen up from the dirt, Simon is not happy with Clary’s choice. Now he can’t use the phrase “Oh my god”! Clary tearfully yells that he’s still the same nerd-hot Simon, but to no avail. He hightails it out of there and now I’m worried how Vampire Simon will treat the mundies of New York. Not as food I hope.

What are your thoughts on Simon’s recent transformation? And how will he deal with his new supernatural abilities? Things don’t look good for him (as usual) in the next episode. Simon Lewis, will you ever catch a break?

For you Taylor Swift fans, here’s an adorable video of the Shadowhunters cast (Isaiah Mustafa, Katherine McNamara, Emeraude Toubia, and Harry Shum Jr.) created to promote this episode. Can they please recreate the whole music video, too?

The latest Shadowhunters episode 1.09: “Rise Up” airs tonight at 9/8c on Freeform. The trailer can be viewed below.

“Simon, what are you doing?” said Clary Fray and every Shadowhunters fan. Let’s hope Raphael is as good as Stefan Salvatore in the “vampire training” department.