Once Upon a Time: More Details on 100th Episode

Emma Swan Once Upon a TimeAs the heroes journey to the Underworld for the return of Once Upon a Time, they will encounter more trials than ever.

The 100th episode of Once Upon a Time is nearly upon us and The Hollywood Reporter was able to interview the members of the fairy tale show’s main cast about what is in store for the rest of the season. Since they will be going into the Underworld (which manifests as a twisted version of Storybrooke) to save Captain Hook, Emma and her family will also be seeing familiar faces from their past with whom they may still have some unfinished business.

There are bound to be renewed tensions as well as emotional reunions for all of them, considering many of these ghosts will be family members. With the return of past characters already confirmed, we know that there are bound to be some intense confrontations ahead.

Jennifer Morrison talked about playing Emma Swan, the Savior who recently experienced a touch of Darkness. Since this new quest involves saving her love, Hook, she has the most to lose if it fails. Morrison told THR:

“Emma is really leaning into the fact that she truly, deeply loves Hook and that she’s going to risk everything to try and save him. We’re going to this deep, dark place, and she’s going there more full of love and hope and vulnerability than she’s ever been before. … I think her having gone through the “Dark Swan” phase has given her the opportunity to be that open and vulnerable, and it’s almost like looking at her own inner demons in a certain way in order to get to a more open, free place and the other side of it.”

Regina Mills Once Upon a TimeRegina’s character has evolved so much since the beginning of the series. Speaking of the heroic role that the former Evil Queen will be playing in the Underworld, Lana Parrilla told THR:

“Because Regina is now a hero and has joined the hero pack, she feels obligated to help these souls. … It’s giving everyone the opportunity to make amends with their past and help these souls move on… And that’s the hero in all these characters. We’re not just down there to help one person — we end up going down there to help many.”

One major reunion everyone is anticipating is Regina’s reunion with her mother, Cora, with whom she has always had a complicated relationship. Parrilla said that though this meeting will initially be happy, it will also be bittersweet.

Snow and David Once Upon a TimeJosh Dallas, who plays Prince Charming, said that there were definitely going to be “interesting meet-ups…With our characters meeting up with parts of their past that they may or may not want to come across.”

Ginnifer Goodwin, who plays Snow White, added:

“The Underworld is less a setting and more a character in and of itself that affects each of us deeply. We’re faced with not only the people who are trapped with unfinished business but the realizations that we might be responsible for that, in some way.”

The Underworld arc is already shaping up to be one of the most intriguing story lines of the show and we don’t have to wait long to finally see what all the main cast has been teasing for months.

Don’t miss Once Upon a Time‘s special 100th episode on March 6 on ABC.