New details on Fear the Walking Dead season 2

Fear the Walking Dead season 2 posterMore plot points and a new poster have been released for the second season of Fear the Walking Dead.

In an interview with showrunner Dave Erickson, Entertainment Weekly reveals much about the upcoming themes and challenges of the upcoming season of The Walking Dead spinoff.

One theme is the idea of family and on this he said:

“The big challenge and the big question as this family lands on this boat going into the season is: Are they going to be able to hold it together as a family? Also, bear in mind, there are still a number of people in this makeshift family who don’t know each other very well. Strand is a new entity for all of our characters. I think Daniel and Ofelia have become part of the family, but there is still a bit of a distance between Salazar and the rest of the clan. One of themes and questions that will be prevalent this season is what Exner said last season, which is: What is family? Is it blood or bond? And that is going to be something that is tested on the boat as we get into the first few episodes, and throughout the entire season, frankly.”

And, as also revealed in the new poster, there will be some action in the water, but this may prove even more dangerous than remaining on land. The poster’s tagline is aptly “No Safe Harbor.”

On this, Erickson told EW:

“What’s interesting is that there’s definitely going to be adventure on the high seas. There’s definitely going to be infected to deal with and then other people that we will have to confront as we move forward. But tonally with the pacing, we get some amps here and there, but I still feel it’s somewhat consistent, to be honest. There’s anxiety on that boat with the danger of, where the hell do we go? Which is a big question that we open up in the first few episodes.
And the challenges of the open sea, which will seem to be a sanctuary, a big wide-open sanctuary, when we first start, but dangers abound. And what we’ll quickly realize is the sea is no safer than land. The energy and the tension and the anxiety and the apprehension that we played with last season is very prevalent in this season, so there’s definitely a tonal consistency. But yeah, we are going to amp things up in comparison to the pilot last season and the first couple of episodes.”

But on the topic of whether Fear the Walking Dead zombies can actually swim, Erickson had this to say to THR:

“They can’t swim. Zombies can wade and that’s something we experimented with in the first couple episodes; it has a lot to do with decomposition and gas buildup in the body. Here’s what it’s not going to be: We’re not doing the Love Boat with zombies. Every episode will not be a new port of call; there’s no Juliette McCoy. We are going to go to land and we are going to have a balance between sea and land.”

Fear the Walking Dead season 2 premieres on April 10 on AMC.