Agent Carter Season 2 Finale

The season finale of Agent Carter resolved the last nine episodes in a one hour special. Most of the finale seemed to just rush to find an end to things. However, the very end was what finally gave viewers what they waited for all season. Well, until the last few seconds, making viewers worry that not everyone will make it back for the next season.

Thankfully Doctor Wilkes survived his zero matter explosion. Unfortunately, Whitney absorbed it all before it could be contained. But even someone full of zero matter can be stopped with a car, albeit temporarily. At least with his zero matter gone, Wilkes is back to his normal self. Even feeling horrible for threatening to kill Peggy.

It’s just too bad that the zero matter is still out there putting the world at risk. With Whitney set on opening the rift again for more zero matter, things are super hairy. But even hairy situations have an answer. Which tends to be answered with the appearance of Howard Stark, to prevent zero matter connecting their world to another.

As is the pattern with every plan this season, everything goes wrong as technology fails the crew yet again. While everyone fights over who gets to sacrifice themselves Sousa steps up to the plate, trying to close the rift and risking his own life. Coming close to losing Sousa Peggy grabs the line keeping him in this dimension, acting reckless and uncalculated like she always has such distaste for. Everyone but Sousa and Peggy seem to realize their love for each other.

After saving the Earth by blowing up one of Stark’s cars and closing the rift, everyone ends up where they should be. Whitney, free of zero matter, goes nuts, or possibly her nutty side is just unleashed. Either way she’s where she belongs, locked up and lacking the ability to hurt anyone anymore.

With everything coming to an end Peggy gets ready to fly back to New York, and stops by to say goodbye to her old friend. Accusing Peggy of reckless behavior by not allowing him to go into the rift, Sousa calls her on her inconsistencies. And viewers finally get their fully deserved kiss between the two for this season. And another just for good measure.

No official word has been released whether Agent Carter will return for a third season or not. However, this season’s end leads viewers to think the possibility is still there for a renewal from ABC. If not, there are going to be some upset viewers wanting to know what happens to their favorite gal.