Shadowhunters, S1 E7- Major Arcana

Shadowhunters S1E07- “Major Arcana”
Shadowhunters S1E07- “Major Arcana”

“You want to hear my theories on how Beyonce will be President in 2020?”

Clary knows where the cup is! Repeat: the cup has been found. It’s located within her mother’s tarot cards. Only problem: Dot last had them and she isn’t exactly alive anymore. Luke reassures everyone that he has them in his desk at the police station. Jace and Clary insist on going with him, but Luke can easily retrieve it himself. Plus, so many members of Valentine’s army work in law enforcement, they’d easily recognize Clary.

The next day what should be a simple task for Luke gets heaps complicated when a man from Internal Affairs interrogates Luke for two suspicious murders. It’s a good thing Jace and Clary didn’t follow Luke’s directions. Using an invisibility rune, they secretly chat with Luke in the interrogation room. And no, Luke wasn’t shown talking to himself, Jace ripped out the camera. They’ve thought of everything.

Shadowhunters S1E07- “Major Arcana”

“You can’t arrest me! I’m Jace Wayland. Everyone loves me! Right Clary?”

Luke wants them to get in and out as fast as possible. Instead Clary creates a diversion consisting of slapping Jace and screaming hysterics his way. Sure all eyes are on them now, but they’re probably just so impressed with her acting skills. I mean, I definitely was. Luke’s Captain Vargas tries to take Clary’s attention away from bad boys. Matching tattoos? Come on, girl! Since Clary has dubbed Jace a cheater, he’s in handcuffs and being hauled away. With Luke’s stuff boxed up from Internal Affairs, Clary’s slap and scream plan was pretty worthless. How convenient that Luke’s stuff is missing. I sense a Circle member at work. Like actually at work, because he works at the police station. I completely ruined that joke, didn’t I?

Simon hasn’t had the best of luck throughout this series. From getting kidnapped almost every episode, to losing his girl to Jace Wayland, and now with his vampire transformation. Things take a turn for the worse for him at the end of the episode. But I’m getting ahead of myself. It doesn’t start off all bad. He wakes up to find himself in bed with Maureen, which I was shocked even happened! When Maureen is giving him the “are we dating” speech, he imagines Clary in front of him. Seductive voice and all. (I think we’ve all been there). Naturally he says Clary’s name and obviously Maureen is not happy. Simon later tries to call Clary while downing his sorrows in coffee. She doesn’t answer (Jace hangs up on him)  and his coffee turns into blood. Lovely. His Mom and sister try to have an intervention of sorts, assuming he’s on drugs. He tries to explain his illness, but that just gets them arguing. In a potential vampire furious rage he snaps his desk in half and heads to the Hotel Dumort. He finds his maker, Camille, and she lays it out for him. He’s still human. All the hallucinations and other side effects are just because of the vampire blood in his system. Can I get a unison ‘Poor Simon’? Here’s a tip: never drink from a vampire. Of course, Camille attacks him suddenly afterwards and now he might actually be a vampire!

The Mortal Cup Mission gets easier and harder all at the same time. Jace contacts the Lightwood duo for assistance. It’s worth noting that Isabelle is Miss Perfect Shadowhunter and is done with her old ways. Alec slept over at Magnus’ house and “didn’t do much sleeping”. Details, man! Since Isabelle is distraction free, Alec has to distract the security guard. It’ll be great practice for flirting with Magnus. You’re wearing a “Team Malec” shirt under all those clothes, aren’t you, Izzy? Alec does a horrible job, but Isabelle is still able to free Jace.

Shadowhunters S1E07- “Major Arcana”

Isabelle Lightwood, rocking her new style, “hot attorney”. Use your new clothes to save Clary and Jace (as usual).

In another part of the station, Luke finds Captain Vargas dead. Bad news: Luke was close to her and Circle members are in the building. Good news: he might become Captain? To finally get the tarot cards, the Shadowhunters gang shut off the station’s power. Then use a rune to try and find said tarot cards in the dark. Runes are the equivalent of apps; they have one for everything! Clary’s pissed she can’t get the Mortal Cup out immediately. You know it’s gotta make you work for it. Boy does it.

Clary, Jace, and the Lightwoods leave the station to find their surroundings filled with cops. When I say cops I mean demons. Word travels fast when you have the cup. What I found interesting about this scene was it originally plays out in the beginning of the film and book. Clary thought the demons were just cops and was shocked to find they weren’t. Now that that isn’t the case it’s like a completely different scene.

Shadowhunters S1E07- “Major Arcana”

“Well, it’s official. I like this girl. Team #Clace.”

After battling a demon posed as a grandmother, the gang run into the underground tunnels. Isabelle’s necklaces pulsates from the demon sightings within. This would be a terrible place for the average mundane, but they got this. They demon slay and Clary releases the cup from the card! However, when returning to Jace, he seems a bit off. Probably because he’s not Jace. The real Jace is at the Institute freaking out over where Clary is.

A Jace-demon killing later, Clary heads to the Institute. Both Clary and Jace are excited to see one another alive. So much, in fact, that the two lock lips. Clace fans, it’s your turn to let loose and fan girl! The Cup is found, Jace and Clary finally kissed. Now all we need is Jocelyn Fray found, and Malec to do some kissing of their own.

The latest Shadowhunters episode, 1.08: “Bad Blood”, airs Tuesday 3/1 on 9/8c on Freeform.
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