Agent Carter S2, E8 and 9

With only one more episode left in this season, Agent Carter brought the heat this week with another hair-raising two hour event. It was hard to tell who was on the good side and who was an utter baddie during “The Edge of Mystery” and “A Little Song and Dance.” Then, just as the temperature raised, the first Agent Carter musical number debuted, taking everyone by surprise and pleasing fans unexpectedly. Yes, you read that right. With a mirage of our favorite characters while Peggy was unconscious, her subconscious showed that it was the place to be.

One of the most nail biting parts of this week’s episode was the constant flip flopping of the characters between good and bad. Viewers just weren’t sure who was on the right side or who was about to double cross and endanger Peggy. With Dr. Wilkes betraying the crew from the get-go and teaming up with the devil herself, Whitney, to Jack Thompson’s constant back and forth. By the end of the second hour it was starting to become a bit ridiculous. In one moment it looks like Thomson has finally come around, only to punch Sousa and help round them up the next. But that was just a ruse, until he double crossed Peggy’s plan to actually use a plan of his own. One that will most likely not work in the first place.

At least it looks like Peggy’s pull between two men could be over. With Dr. Wilkes also turning on them and choosing Whitney and his life over Peg, he made a distinct choice. Sousa can see it even if Peggy can’t. Thankfully so can Dr. Wilkes, realizing that he’s no good for choosing Whitney over Peggy and that he’s now become so tainted by the zero matter that he is one with it. Luckily, our stubborn gal finally listens to someone for once and leaves Wilkes after he locks her outside, before he goes to confront Whitney and blow up.

The best character development this week goes to our man Jarvis, though. Angered by Ana’s shooting and the lasting repercussions they both will face, he goes rogue. After asking Rose to take care of his Ana and handing her a box including his last will and testament, he does the one thing everyone else knows not to do by now and doesn’t listen to Peggy. Going after Whitney by himself with only a gun, Jarvis tries to kill her. For a butler he has pretty good aim. Too bad Whitney is unable to die by simple means. But then again maybe that is for the best, as he had his retribution and not the guilt of murdering the demon known as Whitney Frost.

At least with Howard Stark back in the picture to save the day with his new gamma cannon they have a way to defeat Whitney. Too bad that from next week’s preview, it appears the whole world will have to take her on. Then again, nothing unites friends and foes like an utter baddie. Or, you know, trying to save the world from alien technology. Take a look at next week’s episode promo below and let us know what you thought of this week’s episode. Did you like Jarvis angry? How did all of the back and forth betrayal sit with you? And most importantly, are you ready for Agent Carter’s season finale? Tell us your thoughts.