Shadowhunters, S1 E6- Of Men and Angels

Shadowhunters S1E06- “Of Men and Angels”

Tell Clary Everything, Find the Cup

“Of Men and Angels” is one part flashback history lesson via Luke, and one part ‘Malec’ development. Okay, so more goes on (#izzyneedsahug) but those are the two elements that intrigued me the most. Luke was hurt beyond belief during his wolf pack fight to save Clary. Only our favorite warlock, Magnus Bane, can save him. One problem with this: Magnus needs Alec’s virgin shadowhunter energy. I’m not kidding, he actually says this! While partially unconscious, Luke transports to a dream-like state, due to the Alpha poison. Jocelyn is there and explains the only way to stop Valentine is to tell Clary everything. Clary, get ready to listen to the dramatic love affairs of your Mom, father figure, and actual Dad. Take notes!

Luke is in need of an antidote ASAP! Simon, trying to be Clary’s knight in shining armor, insists he can get whatever is needed. You may be adorkable with killer abs, and be turning into a vampire, but you have zero demon knowledge, bro. Jace knows a guy, it’s decided. Simon follows anyway. The two do not see eye to eye. Not with Clary, Alec, or who has the best abs (I kid on that last one). Jace retorts that Simon is Clary’s lapdog and Alec is his parabatai, enough said. You fail at that last one. Count the number of times Alec looks at you longingly next time. Simon gets pissed and threatens to shove a knife through Jace’s throat. Jace would normally look past this wimpy attempt, but when did Simon get so strong?

Shadowhunters S1E06- “Of Men and Angels”

“You remind me so much of me.”
“If that were true, I would actually be impressed.”

Meanwhile at the Institute, Maryse Lightwood is still being difficult. She may not verbally blame Isabelle for the Seelies going against the Clave; but it’s there plain as day. The remaining family members of the Lightwood gang arrive (father Robert and youngest Max) and all appears well. It’s so not. First off, the Lightwood’s name is tarnished all thanks to the redhead. So, major sacrifices need to be made on Isabelle’s and Alec’s part. Like Isabelle trying to convince the Seelies to stay on their side and for Alec to marry. I adore you, Izzy, but Alec got the short end of the stick, seeing how I doubt Alec would be marrying anyone of the male variety. Neither end up taking these on; in fact the two band together to restore their family name on their own terms. Isabelle buckles down and decides to act more like the leader she was always born to be. I’m curious what this new and stronger-than-ever Isabelle will accomplish. Alec realizes Magnus and Clary need him and takes his virgin shadowhunter energy butt to Magnus’.

Hold that cup proudly while you can. Cause you're never going to see it again.

Hold that cup proudly while you can. Cause you’re never going to see it again.

While Magnus is (im)patiently waiting for Alec, he gives Clary a history lesson on everything Valentine. Throughout his telling, we are shown glimpses of younger versions of Valentine, Jocelyn, and Luke. I think I speak for everyone when I say, oh my goodness was young Valentine attractive. I get his appeal to you, Jocelyn. Here’s a gist of the history story: Jocelyn and Valentine were hopelessly in love and Luke was Valentine’s parabatai. As time went on, Valentine became power hungry and passionately felt that the world should be Shadowhunters only. (Who does that remind you of?) Using the Mortal Cup, he slaughtered heaps of people with the help from his Circle friends. Luke and Jocelyn were of course members, but not so into the killings. Their quick distaste for Valentine found them closer and in an eventual relationship. Valentine got wind of this and locked Luke in a room with a bunch of werewolves, hoping to kill him. Clearly, you don’t know Luke that well. Jocelyn hid the cup and herself from the Shadowhunter world, hoping to protect Clary. Well, it worked for about 18 years.

"You've unlocked something in me."

“You’ve unlocked something in me.”

It doesn’t take long for Magnus to slowly lose strength and for Luke’s health to diminish. Luckily for everyone, Alec arrives on the scene. “Take what you need,” Alec tells Magnus. The two hold hands like it’s the equivalent of sex and I’m beaming! Alex’s ‘virgin Shadowhunter energy’ works and Luke is healed! Job well done, Magnus. Now rest your head on Alec’s shoulder.

Later, Alec helps Magnus clean up from the mess that occurred. You need to save some energy, he says. But Magnus is so frustrated that nothing’s happened between the two yet. He boldly tells Alec of his crush on him over drinks. ‘Malec’ have only had about five minutes of total screen time, but they already have my heart. I think what I find so appealing about them is how much chemistry they have, not to mention Alec’s overall story arc. What do you guys think of these two and how the TV series has portrayed them?

Shadowhunters S1E06- “Of Men and Angels”

“You didn’t, like, sleep with my Mom, did you?”

We end this Shadowhunters episode and our final “walk down memory lane” with Clary finding even more additions to her family tree. Luke explains that the initials on Jocelyn’s box are “J.C”, for her late brother. Shocked from this news, she slams down on the box. It magically becomes a drawing. Knowing of her Mother’s shared artistic skills, she knows where the cup is!

Now that we’ve got that sorted, how long do you think until they actually find the cup?

The newest Shadowhunters episode, 1.07: “Major Arcana” airs on February 23 at 9/8c on Freeform.
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It’s okay, Simon; lots of us have similar dreams.