The X-Files S10 Ep6 – My Struggle II

Seriously, though, why does anyone let Chris Carter write things – especially dialogue?

Also, thanks so much for this nightmare fuel.

Also, thanks so much for this nightmare fuel.

If I had to write a one-sentence summary of my feelings on the whole revival, the above would suffice. It would also suffice for this episode, the finale. I might also say that I wish Carter & co. had decided to just completely avoid the mythology arc. I know some fans would have been disappointed, but the only episodes that were decent were monster-of-the-week episodes (not counting last week’s, which was terrible but couldn’t be counted as either myth or monster).

With that said: the episode begins with a missing Mulder. Tad O’Malley, the conspiracy-loving talk show host from the premiere, is back on the air and claiming that doomsday is upon us all. Skinner sends Einstein to help Scully figure all this out. By the end of the episode, Einstein is almost not incredibly irritating, so there’s that.

Doomsday turns out to be a widespread outbreak of all kinds of diseases that most people’s immune systems should normally be able to handle. At first, Scully’s theory (and O’Malley’s, too) is that everyone affected has alien DNA in them, which is somehow causing the immunity breakdown. But then she meets up with Monica Reyes, who changes her mind.

Welcome back, Monica! Can't say I missed you at all.

Welcome back, Monica! Can’t say I missed you at all.

See, Monica now works for the Cigarette Smoking Man (!!). (We’re shown that he somehow managed to survive being blown up.) And CSM told her that only alien DNA can protect people from the virus that is truly responsible for this plague. Monica now has this cure, and she informs Scully that, thanks to her abduction, she’s had it for years. Thanks, Monica! It was… nice? to see you.

So Scully and Einstein are now working flat-out to replicate that alien DNA Scully has, so they can make a ‘vaccine’. Please note: a vaccine is meant to be used as a preventative measure to protect against infection – as both characters would know. Whatever. Apparently this could be a cure. Which is good, because everyone’s dying around the world.

Meanwhile, CSM has been wanting Mulder to come to him, to receive his own version of a cure. That doesn’t go so well. First, the guy he sends to Mulder’s house just ends up trying to beat the crap out of him. Mulder fights back (quite impressively), though he then goes to where CSM is, anyway. The two of them argue pointlessly about what a horrible monster CSM is. Mulder’s sick. He’ll die without a cure – and he won’t accept one from CSM.

Miller rescues Mulder and takes him back to where Scully has synthesized her ‘vaccine’. But Mulder’s too far gone by this point, says Scully. He needs stem cells – that could only come from William. Except they don’t know where William is.

That’s when a big old spaceship appears in the air above Mulder, Miller, and Scully. It beams its light down on the agents… and that’s it. But I’d like to believe it’s William, somehow finding his parents just in time. Will we ever find out more? Well, evidently the revival got good ratings, so: maybe. I guess that’s good. Just maybe have someone else do most of the writing, mmkay, Mr. Carter?