Once Upon a Time casts Captain Silver

Costas MandylorA new pirate will be joining the magical fifth season of Once Upon a Time.

Joining the ever expanding cast of the fairy tale drama will be Australian actor Costas Mandylor (NCIS, Saw) who will be playing the pirate Captain Silver, according to a report by ETonline.

Details about the character have been kept secret but it’s no leap to imagine that he will have a connection with the show’s resident pirate captain, Killian Jones/Captain Hook. The fifth season has been exploring more and more of Hook’s back story, and though he was killed at the end of the mid-season finale, the folks at Storybrooke are on a daring mission to rescue him from the Underworld.

Madylor’s Captain Silver will be appearing some time in the second half of Once Upon a Time‘s fifth season. It has not been confirmed if this pirate will be the show’s incarnation of Captain Long John Silver, the legendary character from Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel, Treasure Island.

treasure-islandThe iconic pirate has already appeared in the Disney 1950 live adaptation of the novel as well as the 2002 animated sci-fi film, Treasure Planet. A younger version of John Silver (played by Luke Arnold) is also currently appearing on the small screen in the excellent Starz drama, Black Sails.

Whoever he may turn out to be, Captain Silver will be another intriguing addition to the constantly expanding mythology of Once Upon a Time, with its extensive cast of characters like wizards, queens, warriors, and wolves. Drawing from both traditional fairy tales and classic novels, the writers have unlimited source material to work with when it comes to widening the scope of the show. Fans can expect to see both familiar faces and old tensions as well as some new, exciting characters and story lines when the show returns next month.

Once Upon a Time will return for its landmark 100th episode on March 6 on ABC.