Agent Carter S2, E6 and 7

This week’s double episode of Agent Carter finally packed the punch that viewers desired, much like the episodes of season one. This two-hour event fest had something for everyone. “Life of the Party” and “Monsters” were filled with old friends, betrayal, love, action, and an unsure ending.

Rightfully angry that he keeps disappearing, Jason comes back from the zero matter zone. Luckily Peggy has a solution. Well, one of his own devising, suggesting Jason use one of his own inventions to contain himself. Meaning that they would need more zero matter to create this new device. Leaving only one place to look for it.

Aware that Whitney would see any attempt from miles away, Peggy has to use her outside-the-box thinking to get a sample. Seeking a familiar face and major criminal actions, she turns to the only person she can. She releases her old friend Dottie to get what she wants, knowing full well that she will only be betrayed just as Dottie had done to the SSR.

Thankfully a little undercover operation is just what the doctor calls for. It even provides our favorite wish-it-were-true couple some one-on-one time while running the operation. Yes folks, the Agent Carter – Chief Sousa love possibility is back on again. This time even with an almost kiss shared between the two. Only stopped of course by a falling dead body in true Agent Carter style. With Sousa’s engagement over and Jason possibly out of the picture again there really is nothing stopping them.

At least one thing is starting to go right, even if Whitney now finds herself husbandless and on the run once again. Proving true everything her mother ever told her about men, Chadwick handed Whitney over to the council on a silver platter in an attempt to rid himself of the freak she had become. This last treachery is enough to advance her powers; now Whitney doesn’t even have to touch someone to absorb them. Consequently, the council has enough fear that Whitney has everything she wants at her fingertips.

This is especially true as Whitney kidnaps Jason and shoots Mrs. Jarvis as her paid men take over the SSR right from under Sousa’s nose. Just in time for next week’s two hour episode. Leaving viewers wondering if Ana will make it or not. Either way Jarvis is angry and ready for retribution. Oh, and Peggy isn’t so happy either.

Did you think these two hours were worth the wait? Does an angry Jarvis intrigue you too? Tell us what you think below. Oh, and don’t forget to take a look at the sneak peak for next week below.