Shadowhunters, S1 E5- Moo Shu to Go

"Does it look like I'm in the mood for your sass right now? I can leave so you can make out with Jace."

“Does it look like I’m in the mood for your sass right now? I can leave so you can make out with Jace.”

Clary’s freaking out that she saw Valentine lunging after her via her necklace. “Give me the cup!” he yelled. Girl, you’re fine. I’m sure anyone would have the same reaction, except maybe Harry Potter. Clary brings this to the rest of the shadowhunters’ attention, and they all kind of ignore these claims? If Valentine can contact her with her necklace, who’s to say he can’t come to the Institute? Jace and Alec suggest she lock that gem up.

Besides writing all her feelings in a journal, she confides in the one friend she has in this place, Isabelle Lightwood. Words cannot express how much I adore this friendship. With all the darkness that has been overcoming her in these past few days, it’s lovely for her to have some lightness: Isabelle. I was trying to be all poetic with that, didn’t exactly work. The pair hold hands while strolling down the Institute hallways and it’s beautiful. (Clearly, I have a problem with shipping everyone with each other on this show. Except Jace/Clary.) “Tell me everything about her,” Isabelle asks Clary, in regards to her mother. But it’s not Jocelyn Fray that immediately portals in front of them, it’s Isabelle’s mother.

"Dressed to impress, I see." (Clary's mind): "What's that supposed to mean? Let me at her!"

“Dressed to impress, I see.”
(Clary’s mind): “What’s that supposed to mean? Let me at her!”

Maryse Lightwood (Nicola Correia-Damude), everyone! She’s more Shadowhunter trainer than Mother of the Year (unless you’re Jace). The woman barely acknowledges poor Isabelle, except to insult her outfit choices and ways of getting information out of Seelies. Just as Isabelle explains that “Shadowhunters aren’t really huggers,” what does Maryse do? Hug Jace with open arms and kisses the eldest Lightwood on the cheek. Wonder who the favorites are. Mrs. Lightwood has a job just for Golden Boy Jace. The Seelies/Faeries have stopped communicating with the magical justice system at Idris, shadowhunters country, and they must find out why. Isabelle is tight with Meliorn and can easily get something out of him. Maryse guess her daughter can do that, As long as Jace comes, too. Seeing how rule savvy their Mom is, it’s understandable why Alec is the way he is (also why he’s so closeted). Poor guy.

"Can you cool it with your bromantic stares and angst? We need to find my baes, Clary and Simon!"

“Can you cool it with your bromantic stares and angst? We need to find my baes, Clary and Simon!”

Shortly after, Alec tries to confront Jace on the horrid memory demon moment. Jace is completely unfazed by it. Almost like, “Why wouldn’t you love me?” Honestly, I think Jace Wayland is the first straight guy in television that has said “the L word” to another man, with no stupid “no homo” line to directly follow it. This love for one another chips unfortunately after Alec loses track of Clary. The real blame for that goes to a Mr. Magnus Bane.

There Clary and Alec are training, trying to become actual friends (it’ll happen), when Alec gets a phone call. It’s Magnus, looking for a date with Alec. “Yeah, that sounds fun. When?” Alec responds. Unfortunately, Alec can’t get a drink with Magnus right now, because the redhead scampered away. Hopefully the date rain-check works in Magnus’ favor; well, he does seem to like the “hard to get” type. Only one scene of Harry Shum Jr., and he stole the entire episode! Keep on impressing me, man!

"I just love to look at him. That doesn't mean I like him or anything."

“I just love to look at him. That doesn’t mean I like him or anything.”

While sneaking away from Alec, Clary tries to use an invisibility rune to be discreet. Cellphones don’t exactly cover that. Her phone rings and it’s one giant giveaway for Alec. At least that phone call led them to Simon. Bro’s not doing too good. After being shunned away from the Hotel Dumort vamps, he’s still experiencing some pre-vampire symptoms. He agrees to help Clary, though, in heading back to the loft to search for clues. A moment I’d like to touch upon is Clary and Alec’s middle school comebacks to each other (more talking about Alec about that last bit). Fed up with Alec’s miserable hatred for her, Clary brings up the fact that Alec has feelings for Jace. Real, true, romantic feelings for his parabati/adopted brother. Alec’s response? “No, you’re in love with Jace!” I completely understand that it’s hard to acknowledge your feelings for Jace to even yourself, but you could have come up with something a little better. Anyone have any suggestions for Alec?

Simon is waiting for them at the loft. Besides it being deserted and trashed, there’s nothing that could hint to Jocelyn’s whereabouts. There’s nothing even in the J.C. box hidden underneath the floorboards. J.C., wonder who that could be? (Sarcasm). Just like in the second episode, a loud noise breaks out and causes alarm. Alec investigates it and begs for the “mundies” to stay put. Just like with Izzy, it’s a trap and they’re both kidnapped. Simon, you should start earning kidnapping points or something.

"But like, when we're 21, we're coming back here for the inexpensive cocktails, right?"

“But like, when we’re 21, we’re coming back here for the inexpensive cocktails, right?”

Their kidnappers? Friends of Luke’s and fellow werewolves/cops. This makes the initial kidnapping confusing for Clary. She’s known these guys for years, what could they have done to get arrested? Clearly, she didn’t know them as well as she thought. Like with every supernatural creature that crosses Clary’s path, the alpha of the pack wants to know where the Mortal Cup is. Can the Shadowhunters put up a giant ad for everyone that states that Clary Fray/Fairchild has no stinkin’ clue where that thing is? Simon is tired of getting kidnapped! Why is it always him? His new vampire skills come in handy though, as he breaks free from his handcuffs and dials Clary’s phone to call Jace.

Jace, Isabelle, and Alec arrive on the scene to save the day. Actually, Simon kinda does that for himself, by setting off the fire alarm causing the wolves to evacuate. Even though she doesn’t ask for it (or want it), Luke saves Clary from the alpha leader. By killing him and becoming alpha leader himself. His injuries are far too dire for him to be doing any celebrating, though. If Clary had to learn one thing tonight, I hope she learned that Luke is someone to be trusted.

What did everyone think of 1.05: “Moo Shu to Go”?

The next episode, 1.06: “Of Men and Angels” airs tonight on Freeform at 9/8c. The trailer can be viewed below.

Luke, this episode is going to be a painful one for you. But not for Malec fans, it won’t. That eye contact at 0:08!