Castle S8 Ep10 – Witness for the Prosecution

So I guess there’s a double-header of Castle airing this week: this one on Sunday, and another one tomorrow night at its usual time.

I know he's actually playing the prosecutor in this show, but he'll always be Clarence Wiedman to me.

I know he’s actually playing the prosecutor in this show, but he’ll always be Clarence Wiedman to me.

The Sunday night ep centers on Castle’s first time appearing in court, as a witness for the prosecution of a young woman named Nina (played by Clare Grant) who is accused of murdering another woman. It happened at at a private book reading party for Castle’s latest Nikki Heat novel five months ago. We see what he saw, in a flashback. It looks very much like Nina stabbed Sadie in the chest with a fireplace poker, and she does run away when Castle confronts her. But of course as soon as the open-and-shut nature of the case is revealed, I start to get suspicious that, as Rick says later, we don’t know the whole story.

And we don’t. First of all, it turns out that Nina’s defense lawyer has been replaced. Instead of her less than competent public defender, she now has Kris Polaha’s Caleb Brown, last seen being revealed as some kind of LOCKSAT mastermind earlier this season. And he’s a really good lawyer, really fighting for his client despite being evil in some way that I’ve forgotten because I hated that plotline so much when he last showed up. He tears Castle apart on the witness stand, leaving him doubting his own memory of the night of the murder.

As Beckett and Castle continue to try not to be conspicuous about not really being separated, they and the rest of the team try to find more evidence to convict Nina. They find footage proving she was having an affair with the victim. But Castle gets himself locked up in holding at the courthouse so he can speak to Nina directly, so convinced is he now that she’s innocent. And she tells him that Sadie was trying to get something from the man who had been her cameraman when she was embedded in Iraq. But he’s not the killer, either.

When it looks like Nina is just about out of time, Castle bursts into the courtroom, even though he doesn’t have the answer yet. Brown, who now knows that the precinct is looking into Nina’s case, calls Castle as a witness (this time for the defense). It’s all rather fun and ludicrous. Castle ends up figuring out who the real killer is while he’s on the stand. It’s Sadie’s husband! He found out about the affair and was furious with his wife. I have no idea how any judge would allow these shenanigans in the courtroom, but whatever. Maybe part of the ‘explanation’ is that apparently a bunch of these guest stars used to work together on a soap opera.

Part of Kate has got to be wondering if Rick's antics are finally going to get her fired this time.

Part of Kate has got to be wondering if Rick’s antics are finally going to get her fired this time.

Oh, and I guess I should mention Vikram showed up in this ep, too. His entire job was to tell Beckett they haven’t made any progress in finding any weakness in Caleb Brown, and to remind the audience that the aforementioned lawyer is actually eeeeevil. In the end, though, Beckett says his drive to help his clients find justice could be a weakness. Which, whatever. Like I said, I’m pretty bored of this plotline.

So I guess I’ll see you all tomorrow night as well! Don’t forget.