Black Sails, S3 E3- XXI

"I'll show them that I'm more then just comic relief."

“I’ll show them that I’m more than just comic relief.”

As Black Sails3.03: “XXI” begins, word quickly spreads about the potential governor of Nassau arriving in a matter of days. Talk of this flies when Max and Anne are selling various pearls for profit. The men are making crude, sexist, and racist comments about the girls, and offer them work in case they decide to run away with them once the governor arrives. They can’t figure out what to be angered at more: their pig-like behavior (do you even know who you just insulted, gentlemen?) or the arrival of a new governor. With no delay, they take all this information to Jack and Vane. The Governor will be here in 12 days and the Fort is barely even assembled. And with Flint M.I.A, who’s going to be the brains of the operation? Jack Rackham, that’s who. Let’s see what you’re made of, man. Honestly, I was rather surprised myself. Once everyone is gathered, he delegated orders and took charge, something no one expected. I guess he isn’t just a pretty face with excellent comedic timing. He did throw in a, “I’m Nassau’s Daddy” line that had me chuckling, though.

"I'm on the ship of a rich idiot. Is it too late for me to campaign as Governess?"

“I’m on the ship of a rich idiot. Is it too late for me to campaign as Governor?”

Based on Rogers’ plan, the pirates of Nassau are going to win without a doubt. He recites his plan to Eleanor: basically, he expects to say a few words and immediately take over the island. Eleanor and I roll our eyes in unison. Even with Flint “dead” (I’ll get into his state in a moment), the pirates will try their best to make a plan to take him down. It’ll be disorganized (no offense Jack and Vane), but it just might work. After more prodding on Eleanor’s part, Rogers reveals that the reason he’s so interested in taking over Nassau as quickly as possible, is because he made a deal with several countries, including Spain. For instance, he would return the Urca gold within eight weeks. I can’t tell whether to feel sorry for his lack of knowledge of Nassau or continue to laugh at his face. According to actual history, the real Woodes Rogers succeeded, so the man did something right.

We know Rogers, Eleanor, and others will arrive at Nassau in about 12 days. That’s how long Flint, Silver, Billy, and crew have been stuck at sea. Having little to no wind to guide them anywhere, they’re still at least a week away from any land. During a captain/quarter masters meeting, Flint mentions he wants to give what little food rations they have to the most valuable crew members. That’s right, some men won’t get food rations at all. I guess it truly is survival of the fittest. Silver hates that plan and storms out of the room. Flint just blames it on dehydration, but Billy points out how everyone thinks he’s been a mess since Charles Town/Miranda Barlow’s death. Flint ignores Billy’s claim of course. As the days dwell on, however, Flint’s madness comes full circle. A quarrel breaks out between two men who blame each other on a missing food ration. Silver plays “good pirate” and just forces them to give up a day’s portion. Flint takes matters into his own hands and shoots them both instantly. Prior to killing the second man, he sees Miranda’s face instead of the crew member. This doesn’t make him hesitate from killing the guy, but Flint definitely cries it out in his office.

“Maxanne” shippers, I dedicate this next paragraph to you. This pair has lasted for a lot longer than I expected them to. Even though there were several clues for the pair to start a romance way back in season one, I didn’t think anything of it until their first time together last season. But, good things must come to an end. Max and Anne are discussing their future together. If it so happens that Jack leaves once the new Governor arrives, Max advises Anne to follow him. Jack and Anne are partners for life, and Max can’t be the thing standing in her way. “Let it be now so we may not live in fear of it,” Max tells Anne. She kisses the top of Max’s forehead and leaves. Why doesn’t Max just follow Anne, you’re probably asking. Because Max has fallen in love with this island. Which is to say something, since in 1.02, Max was dead set on running away with Eleanor. The only option of happiness for the two is if they part ways. They haven’t “officially” done that yet, but just the fact that it’s upcoming, gets me all misty-eyed. Just when I’m about to walk aboard the “Maxanne” ship, they have me stand on the plank!

Shark Week came early.

Shark Week came early.

Day 21 has past for Flint and his men and they’re too hungry to function. James Flint is straight up hallucinating Miranda Barlow again. While I’m not fond of James’ madness, I do love the continued use of Mrs. Barlow. Keep her scenes coming! Throughout the dream, Miranda states that she’s been many things to Flint. A lover, guide, and more importantly, a mother. She will continue to guide him, but only for so long. Because, duh, she’s a spirit/figment of his imagination. When Flint comes back to reality, the crew show him a dead whale a bit up-shore. Since Silver and Flint are the only ones on full ration (what about Billy?), they go and inspect the whale for food. It’s completely rotten. The sharks eating it below are fresh for the taking, though. They spear a shark and finally have enough food for the whole crew and then some! On top of that, the wind picks up and the ship is off to the nearest coast of land!

Nassau, be mine. Love, Rogers,

Nassau, be my valentine. Love, Rogers.

Eleanor, Rogers, and his many boats are finally making it to Nassau’s shore. Only they are unsure who should read the address to the pirates and villagers of Nassau. Eleanor suggests someone they relate to and semi-admire. Unfortunately, it isn’t her. Hornigold will do; if he dies in the process, they’re okay with that. I second that. Hornigold and Nerd Pirate 2.0 row their way to Nassau and read Rogers’ letter. Everyone that peacefully accepts Rogers’ governance of Nassau will be given a full pardon. Plus, there’s a £10,000 reward for the capture of Charles Vane, dead or alive. Vane, start running. Needless to say, the pirates shake hands and welcome Hornigold back to the island. Sorry, Jack, Anne, and Vane on your failed plan.

Flint and his crew finally make it to land, but the island’s inhabitants don’t look too happy to see them. Let’s hope that they aren’t on the dinner menu!

What did everyone think of Black Sails, 3.03: “XXI”?

The newest episode, 3.04: “XXII” airs tonight (Saturday 2/13) on Starz at 9/8c. The trailer can be viewed below.

Who do you think is in more danger: Charles Vane (for the bounty on his capture), Flint and his men (due to the unhappy island locals), or Rogers (for not realizing what he’s getting himself into)? I don’t even have an answer for that.