Marvel’s Agent Carter S2 E5 – Atomic Job

The newest episode of Marvel’s Agent Carter aired last night on ABC, appearing to lead up to next week’s two hour special. In this episode, it seemed like big things were about to take place. Yet it may have fallen just a bit short in preparation for setting up future episodes.

One seemingly important revelation is that black matter makes Doctor Wilkes tangible. Not only that, but he seems to have some sort of zero matter locator due to his unstable state. Due to the calling of the zero matter, he’s able to locate the first victim’s body. But before Peggy and Jarvis can kidnap her, Whitney and Chadwick are on the scene so Whitney can absorb the zero matter and become stronger.

As is a running theme within Marvel, power corrupts. The additional zero matter corrupts Whitney even further, causing her to need an atomic bomb. Wilkes believes she’s going to try to replicate the first test that created zero matter in the first place. Every viewer knows wherever this is headed can’t be good.

Most of this episode seems to surround the fact that Sousa gets engaged. Which is only followed by Violet finding out he loved Peggy soon after, when she gets hurt. The optimism is encouraged by the disappearance of Doctor Wilkes as Peggy lays recovering. Maybe there is still hope for the Sousa/Carter shippers.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be hope for Chadwick and Whitney. From the beginning it looks like he’s trying to sneak off while she’s asleep and leave her. Chadwick clearly is disillusioned by her new abilities. So much so that the next time Whitney falls asleep he runs off to create a secret meeting to tell his friends of the danger Whitney poses. One can only assume she won’t take any betrayal lightly.

At least amongst the set ups, our famous gal is still true to who she is. Giving herself a pep talk before saving the world with a bunch of under-trained agents and Jarvis. As expected, nothing goes as planned. This misfit group can never have it easy. But Jarvis finally has his time, proving that he’s more than meets the eye once again as Agent Sousa walks him through dismantling the uranium without exploding everyone.

What did you think of this episode? Was the character development enough to keep you interested? Or are you hanging on until next week’s two hour episode?