Black Sails, S3 E2- XX

Black Sails S3E2- "XX"
Black Sails S3E2- "XX"

The Calm Before the Storm, with an added, “Let’s pray that we don’t die.”

Flint and his crew deal with one heck of a storm in 3.02: “XX”. The episode begins in a dream of Flint’s. He’s walking on his ship, except there’s an eerie feel to it. No one is aboard, unless you count the ghostly image of Miranda Barlow – bludgeoned head wound and all. She’s yelling indistinguishable things to him. Before he’s able to figure anything out, he’s awoken from this dream/nightmare. Once awake, he and his crew try to prepare the ship for the grueling storm they’re about to enter.

Eleanor and future Nassau governor, Rogers, are in perfect weather conditions. The trust they have for one another, not so much. When Eleanor meets with Rogers, he shows her the many boats he has heading to Nassau. There’s one boat, however, that could have her aboard it and sent right back to prison if she pulls any funny business on him. Trust me, Mr. Rogers, you need Eleanor more than she needs you.

Black Sails S3E2- "XX"

“Just how fucking stupid, exactly, are your men?” “It’s hard to say.”

In Nassau, Mr. Featherstone (aka: Ship Guy) is dispersing more Urca gold to a crew member. Jack’s curious how one person can spend 500 gold pieces in two days. Nothing, the clueless guy physically lost it. After realizing it’s pointless to try and give this guy financial advice, the captain and quartermaster just reissue more money. Then, surprise surprise, one of the ladies, Idelle, finds both missing sacks the following day. Good thing the crew member didn’t live in today’s time; it would have been 10 times as hard to find the missing money. One thing I’ve noticed about Toby Schmitz’s portrayal of Jack Rackham, is how many comedic moments he brings to the show. From dealing with a moronic crew member, to just straight up complaining about something. He is the light amidst the killings and drama and I am totally here for it!

Black Sails S3E2- "XX"

Eleanor Guthrie: the true governor of Nassau, forever and always.

Since Rogers is taking over Nassau in a matter of days/weeks, he wants to be as well-versed in the goings on of the Island as he can. Eleanor tells the origins of how she took control of the island, starting at the young age of 17! Easy, she found the most feared/hated pirate, Edward Teach, and kicked him off of the island. It didn’t hurt that she was sleeping with Teach’s protege, Charles Vane, either. After hearing this, Rogers wants to send Eleanor on her way. How dare she be 100% honest and explain how she conquered the island! Eleanor scoffs at Rogers’ ridiculous behavior. That’s the difference between the two of them. Rogers may have heaps of money and have all the supplies at his command, but Eleanor knows her residents/pirates. She knows Flint is dangerous, but he can be reasoned with. Rackham is devious, but all he cares about is his legacy. And she certainly knows Charles Vane, and his capability to destroy things when he sets his mind on it. Underestimate any of them and you’ll lose someone or something dear to you. Eleanor learned that the hard way when Vane killed her father. So please, Rogers, stroll into Nassau unprepared, and we’ll take bets on how long you’ll last. At the end of the day, both Rogers and Eleanor want what’s best for Nassau. So that’s why Rogers continues to keep her on, even with Nerd Pirate 2.0 and Hornigold’s disapproval. I’m definitely not fond of Rogers’ character so far, but I’m interested to see this dynamic between Eleanor and Rogers unfold.

Black Sails S3E2- "XX"

It’s raining, it’s pouring.

Now let’s discuss that hellish storm! I’m sure after witnessing Flint and his crew’s struggles during the storm, we will never complain over a little thunderstorm of ours ever again. I know I won’t. Throughout the episode and storm, we are given three distinctive points of view of the terrible storm. James Flint’s, Billy Bones’, and John Silver’s. As captain, Flint is in charge of giving orders and making sure his crew makes it out alive. Billy is above on the mast, seeing all the destruction from a bird’s eye view. Silver is below deck with a fellow crew member, repairing any damaged holes in the ship. Between Flint and Silver, I honestly can’t decide who had a more heartbreaking time during the storm. As mentioned, Flint is the one giving orders and the one responsible for this catastrophe in the first place. Silver is forced to watch his mate drown, though, after a part of the ship causes his leg to become stuck. What do you guys think? Both actors, Toby Stephens and Luke Arnold, give outstanding performances. Hearing Silver cry out over the death of his friend will sure leave everyone misty-eyed.

Dufresne (Nerd Pirate 2.0) and Hornigold insist Flint and his men are dead after finding various pirate flags and “evidence”. But they are far from it, kind of. Just like the episode started, the audience is in another one of Flint’s dreams. It continues with Mrs. Barlow yelling something we can’t understand, but with a black figure moving in and out of the shots. Could this represent death? James Flint fortunately awakes. However, with the ship’s food supply limited to about a week and the nearest coast three times that away, how long will he and his crew survive? This makes me ask the question: are these dreams Flint has been having, some sort of premonition? I hope not. Although it is lovely to see Miranda Barlow’s actress, Louise Barnes, still on the show.

What did everyone think of, 3.02: “XX”?

Next recap: With a limited food supply, the crew must ration as much as possible. Will the crew even make it to the nearest shore?