iZombie, S2 E11- Fifty Shades of Grey Matter

iZombie S2E11- "Fifty Shades of Grey Matter"
iZombie S2E11- "Fifty Shades of Grey Matter"

The zombie will see you now.

This episode, 2.11: “Fifty Shades of Grey Matter”, had a lot of hype surrounding it because of Veronica Mars herself: Kristen Bell’s expected voice-over work. We weren’t disappointed in the slightest.

Our brain/case of the week is shown first: Grace LeGare. Librarian by day, erotica author by night. Her fellow coworker/author hates that she uses her spare time at work to right this filth. Fed up enough to kill her? It’s possible. Grace’s demise is caused by poison, most likely from her lunch. The culprit ends up being someone we would least expect. It isn’t the jealous co-worker/author like we all assume. It’s Grace’s husband, Andy, who uses water hemlock to poison his wife’s food. Now, let’s discuss Liv on erotica author brain.

iZombie S2E11- "Fifty Shades of Grey Matter"

‘Livton’ scenes are my favorite scenes.

Anyone and anything will set her off. She sends a butt slap Ravi’s way, a back stroke for Clive, and is in full-on make out mode for Drake (with some full-on sexy time session later). No love for Major, sorry. And no, for all you Livton fans, Peyton and Liv do not have any girl-on-girl moments. They do, however, casually listen to the audio book version of Grace’s novel. Ready by none other than our Kristen Bell. “I’ve always felt a sort of connection to her,” Liv mentions. Oh you writers with your clever Veronica Mars homage; you never disappoint.

While Liv is making a move on everyone she comes in contact with, Major is trying to prevent Clive and Dale from finding out he’s the Zombie Slayer. Well, kidnapper in their eyes. They try to track down Minor’s GPS chip, to which Major realizes it’s time for the music pun named duo to part ways. Major downs a Max Rager and nearly rages out at the dog groomer, trying to quickly take Minor from her. “Don’t kill the dog! Don’t kill the dog!” I yell at my TV screen. He doesn’t, phew. The cute basset hound is left on a bus for Clive and Dale to find. You’re bound to find the kidnapper soon, guys. You’ll just be surprised at who the person is. Honestly, I’m just hoping we’ll see more appearances from the cute basset pup. Perhaps when/if he’s reunited with his owner? Do I have to create a #BringBackMinor hashtag?

iZombie S2E11- "Fifty Shades of Grey Matter"

Peyton Charles, you’ve just found out the truth about Blaine DeBeers. What are you going to do next? Not turn into a zombie, I hope.

For my favorite and simultaneously least favorite story-line from the episode: Peyton and Blaine may not be on erotic author brain, but they could have fooled me. While working late one night on Peyton’s case, the two get very hot and bothered for each other. Maybe it’s all the alcohol they consumed or the chemistry they feel for one another. Who’s to say. Peyton’s personal life collides with her work life when Blaine is found to be the culprit to so many crimes by Clive and Dale. Peyton rushes in to save her man from charges using an Immunity bond, but Clive warns her of the major mistake she’s about to make. Even Clive knows this guy is bad news, and he doesn’t even know the half of it! Confused on her feelings for Blaine and the truth, Peyton runs to her old roommate and friend, Liv.

iZombie S2E11- "Fifty Shades of Grey Matter"

“You had sex with Blaine? My real self wants to puke up the brain I just ate. But the erotic zombie brain in me is so turned on by this.”

All Liv has to do is utter the fact Blaine turned her into a zombie (among other things) for Peyton to realize her error. You all know how anti-Peyton and Blaine I am. Them hooking up puts the pain in Paine (their ship name?). However, now this puts our girl Pey in on the action and her own B story-line! More involvement with zombies equals more Peyton scenes. Bring on the much needed character development. What did you think of this moment? Fans of Peyton/Blaine, please weigh in on this. Or are you a Pavi fan like me (with some Livton on the side). What if Peyton becomes a zombie now?

Next recap: How does Liv solve a crime with no brains to work with? “Looks like a no brainer to me, Liv” Ravi states. Oh how right he is.