Agent Carter S2 E3 Review – Smoke and Mirrors

This week’s Agent Carter took an interesting turn. Filled with flashbacks and a darker turn, Agent Carter left viewers confused and unsatisfied as more of Peggy’s plans were foiled. For an episode, there wasn’t much advancement into the search for zero matter. What promised to be a rogue episode seemed to fall flat.

The best part of this episode were the memories of how Peggy became the woman we love. “Smoke and Mirrors” gave viewers a peek into a dragon slaying little girl desperate to save the princess. Making it apparent that even from a young age she was a kick ass, take names sort of girl. As Peggy aged it seemed she had listened to her mum and calmed her ways, becoming a code breaker. But even an engaged Peggy could not run from her true self. Turning down an offer to become a part of the SOE and a field agent, it was apparent that Peggy did not think she was meant to be in the field. Thankfully, her older brother tried to wake up our daring gal. But even that was not enough. Not until she was brutally woken up by his death, and left everything to become the woman Michael knew she could be.

Similarly, Whitney Frost, or should we say Agnes, also was a fish out of water. Smarter than her mother and not recognized by the world she lived in because of her sex, Whitney was ingrained with the fact that brains meant nothing. As with many young girls, movies became her place of solace. It’s just too bad that the huge black crack on her face keeps growing as she absorbs mice and people, risking the looks that made her famous. She even dared to show her true self to Chadwick, horrifying him.

It is just too bad the rest of the time was spent with Peggy’s plans being constantly foiled. From an attempted kidnapping blown by agent Sousa, to a search warrant for the secret men’s club also being stopped before it started, nothing seems to be going right. Other than the bureaucracies of secret government getting away with sneaky stuff.

Even the almost kiss between Peggy and Doctor Wilkes didn’t seem to have viewers hanging on for much. With Wilkes staring off into space and becoming lost in the zero matter, his body-less form is not winning anyone over. Maybe Stark will return from Peru with a solution next week?

One thing that is for sure: next week Frost begins to bend the world to her will. With talks of atomic bombs, insane plans, and Peggy taking on Whitney. Hopefully, the next episode will bring everything together. Take a peek at what awaits us below.

What did you all think of this week’s episode? Was Peggy’s backstory enough to keep it floating or was the lack of movement enough to make it sink?