More ‘Veronica Mars’ alumni slated to appear on ‘iZombie’!

Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars

Kristen Bell

We’ve seen many a Veronica Mars alum on Rob Thomas’ latest hit, iZombie. From Daran Norris as Johnny Frost to Ryan Hansen as Carson McComb on the zombie dramedy. Various references from the show have also been mentioned. “A long time ago, we used to be friends,” Liv Moore mentioned in regards to Peyton in an early season 2 episode (a nod at Veronica Mars‘ theme song).

Just when you think they couldn’t add another Veronica Mars cast member onto the show, they do. Not just any cast member. But the lead character herself: Kristen Bell! Before everyone starts celebrating and cheering, we’re not getting Bell in the flesh, unfortunately. While how Bell will be featured on the show has been kept pretty under wraps, we can definitely expect to hear her voice throughout.

The episode Kristen will be featured in is “Fifty Shades of Grey Matter”, set to air tonight (February 2nd) at 9/8c! In the episode, Liv will consume the brain of a young librarian, who happens to be an erotic fiction writer. If this is Bell’s role, we are in for some smutty/hilarious lines.

Enrico Colantoni

Enrico Colantoni

Kristen Bell isn’t the only Veronica Mars alum set to make an appearance. Enrico Colantoni will have a recurring role on the zombie show. Colantoni will play Lou Benedetto, a vice detective who will have many a conversation with Liv, thanks to his cases. Could he perhaps be finding out about Major and his zombie “killings”? Be careful, Major!

With all these Veronica Mars cast mates on Rob Thomas’ newest show, who else from the much-loved TV show would you love to see on iZombie? (I sense I’m going to get a lot of Jason Dohring responses).

iZombie returns with new episodes tonight at 9/8c. Listen closely for Kristen Bell’s appearance.

Below you can find a video of Rose McIver (Liv Moore) sharing the good news of Kristen Bell’s role on the show, as well as the trailer for “Fifty Shades of Grey Matter”.

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