Shadowhunters, S1 E3- Dead Man’s Party

Shadowhunters S1E03- "Dead Man's Party"
Shadowhunters S1E03- "Dead Man's Party"


The vampires have Simon, and it’s up to Clary, Jace, and the Lightwoods to save him. All the vamps ask for in return for the mundane is the Mortal Cup. Too bad Clary still has no idea where it is.

1.03: “Dead Man’s Party” is one of those awesome “it happened in one night” trope episodes. Actually, come to think of it, this entire series has only taken place in one day so far (correct me if I’m wrong). At this rate, the entire first season could take place in as little as one week!

With Simon captured, Clary is really the only one to care about his well being; the others mainly just want to make sure their relationship with the vampires isn’t shattered. Okay, so all Clary has to do is bat her eyelashes and cry out that Simon is the only person she has left in order for Isabelle and Jace to want to help her. Alec is still not on Team Clary. He’s convinced that she is somehow on Valentine’s side, just waiting to destroy the entire shadowhunter lineage. Calm down, dude. You have other things to worry about, like accepting your feelings for Jace and men in general.

Shadowhunters S1E03- "Dead Man's Party"

Jace Wayland: dreams of being a tattoo artist

Since this “rescue Simon” mission isn’t something the Clave should know about, the gang is on their own in finding weapons. Ancestor shadowhunters have stored hidden weapons within their graves at a particular headstone and cemetery. Sword in hand, Clary practices her sword wielding/demon hunting skills with Jace. Girl pulls the classic “teach me how” move. You know the one, where either the girl doesn’t know how to play a sport or wield a shadowhunter sword or just plays dumb. Regardless, the pairing have some serious eye sex contact and chemistry that even I can’t ignore. It’s at this point that everyone parts ways. Jace and Clary head to a dive bar filled with vampires, Isabelle meets up with her faerie “friend with benefits”, Meliorn, and Alec sulks back to the Institute to secretly grab a bow and arrow because the grave didn’t have one. The nerve of the ancestors! Hodge catches Alec in the act and is in full support of not even bothering to ask what he’s up to.

Shadowhunters S1E03- "Dead Man's Party"

“There’s being parabatai with Jace, Alec. And then there’s wanting to see him naked.”

Isabelle’s “meeting” with Meliorn is probably the reason ABC Family changed its name to Freeform. There’s seductive moves of undoing zippers, revealing undergarments; heck, Victoria’s Secret should hire Emeraude Tobia to be their next Angel (shadowhunters are part angel, after all). The whole thing is one step away from having this show transferred to HBO or Starz. Since Meliorn is a faerie and Seelie, he cannot tell a lie. This comes in handy for when Isabelle asks him how to get into the vampires’ lair: the Hotel Dumort. Meliorn, who is having an affair with head vampire, Camille, informs Isabelle he takes the service entrance. She sends this information to Alec, and the Lightwoods meet there to slay some vamps.

With Clary and Jace, Clary has no idea why on earth Jace wants to make a pit stop at what she thinks is a dive bar. But after focusing her shadowhunter abilities, realizes it’s a vampire’s paradise! Those couples making out in the far corner? In reality, it’s a vampire enjoying some nice refreshing (I would think anyway) blood off their victim. Like every shadowhunter seems to be doing in this episode, Jace has Clary chit-chat with a vampire that has one seriously sick motorcycle. Clary does as told, using her adorable charm, good looks, and killer ponytail (put Kat in a ponytail more often, hair department! She can pull it off) to attract the vampire. But joke’s on her, for with a flick of his wrist, she’s under his spell. Clary’s laughing at his jokes, smiling uncontrollably, and is easily his next meal.

Shadowhunters S1E03- "Dead Man's Party"

Poor Simon. He finally gets to first base, and it causes undeadly consequences.

The same could be said for Simon. At the Hotel Dumort, he isn’t so much a prisoner, as he is a plaything to Camille. The boy’s a mess when first introduced to Camille and Raphael. But a Bloody Mary (probably actually the blood of a girl named Mary, let’s be honest) drink later and the two are making out and sharing blood on the gold sofa. Now that Simon’s clearly drugged/loopy, Camille asks where the Mortal Cup is. He has no idea, obviously. But he does mention the City of Bones and how Clary has no memories. There’s only one warlock who could be responsible for that whom Camille knows: Magnus Bane.

At the vampire bar, Clary and Jace manage to high tail it out of there, thanks to Jace picking a fight with said vampire and riding off on his vampire motorcycle. I say vampire motorcycle, because it runs on demon energy and has the capability to fly. Clary’s laughing and smiling like a school girl during the whole ride. Are you sure she still isn’t under that vampire’s spell? They arrive on the Hotel Dumort’s roof and are ready to kick some serious vampire butt. For good measure, Jace burns a rune on Clary’s body to fend off future vamp charms.

Shadowhunters S1E03- "Dead Man's Party"

“I couldn’t live without you, Simon. You’re all I have left.”

The actual rescuing of Simon seems rather easy. Or maybe the shadowhunters gang just makes it so. Isabelle uses her snake-like whip to puncture vampires, Alec with his bow and arrow, and even Clary manages to kill a vampire or two.

It’s impossible for Camille, Raphael, and Simon to not hear all of the commotion and killings from the hotel’s topmost floor. That and since shadowhunters are part angel, the hotel now reeks of angel blood. I guess all it takes is for Simon to know Clary’s coming for him for him to be de-spelled. What’s at first a continued hostage situation (the Mortal Cup or the mundane dies), ends up rather anti-climactic. Raphael willingly gives Simon to the gang in return for Jace to “know who his friends are.”

Simon is safe and in Clary’s arms! The best friends kiss each other on the cheek in happiness on the now brightly light hotel’s rooftop, and everything’s fine. Wrong. Everyone’s in love with everyone and it’s causing all sorts of drama and awkward eye contact. And Simon wanting to devour Clary’s neck isn’t helping things, either! And I don’t mean of the hickey variety (although that’s probably true, too). As in, Simon has been turned into a vampire!

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The moment everyone has been waiting for: Magnus and Alec (Malec) meet!