Galavant, S2 Ep10 – The One True King (To Unite Them All)

After a suitably epic and very moving finale Galavant wrapped up its second season, bringing closure to many of the characters while also opening up avenues for more adventures in the future. The massive battle between the three armies was resolved and the heroes triumphed over the forces of evil, as expected. But the journey towards this conclusion was a thoroughly satisfying one.

Galavant, S2 Ep10 - The One True King (To Unite Them All)Sid arrives to save the day, bringing along all the supporting characters (but not the guest stars, as they would have been too expensive) that Gal and Richard met along their journey. Returning faces from the Enchanted Forest, the Giants and Dwarves, some pirates, and other helpful peasants became the reinforcements for the heroes against Madalena’s possessed army.

Richard really shone in this episode, and proved how he was the one who underwent the most character growth and development throughout the season. He proved to be the real hero of the piece this time as even Galavant noted:

“Over the last months, I’ve watched you transform from a boob into a real man. And today you’re going to transform into a warrior.”

Despite his goofiness and incompetence and deep self-doubt (as evidenced by the hilarious but touching opening song showing Richard singing a duet with his inner child), Richard came a long way this season and in the end, he was truly worthy to be the One True King to Unite Them All. After an epic duel with Wormwood, Richard emerged triumphant and like a true king, brought an end to the war.

Galavant, S2 Ep10 - The One True King (To Unite Them All)Another duel that took place simultaneously was between Madalena and Isabella. While it was pretty awesome to see the two strong female characters in action, the fight was not really evenly matched, what with Madalena having her Dark, Dark Evil magic and all that. In the end, the irony dawned upon Madalena when she realized that the man she had once been married to was actually the One True King who could defeat Wormwood.

Madalena and Gareth’s story was the saddest part of the episode, as Gareth once again tried to reach out to the woman he loved. Madalena admitted that she did love him, but she was too attached to power to be able to accept his love. She poofed herself away as Gareth watched, heartbroken. At the end of the episode Madalena goes to meet the DEL, the Dark Evil Lord, hoping that he could teach her to amass even more dark power.

Luckily, Gareth is determined to save her from herself and he even enlists the help of Sid, setting up a very fascinating potential quest for the third season, if there is one. After the strange combination of Galavant and Richard this season, it will be a lot of fun to see how Gareth and Sid get along. And a quest to stop Madalena from succumbing to the forces of evil is just very intriguing material.

Galavant, S2 Ep10 - The One True King (To Unite Them All)Galavant and Isabella finally get together! After the smoke cleared on the battlefield, they shared a heartfelt duet about how they both wanted a quieter life together, after all the frenzy of their adventures. Having both been involved in action-packed quests for much of their lives, they both felt ready to properly settle down, complete with a cottage by the seaside where Isabella can tend to her garden and Galavant (whose first name turns out to be Gary!) can write his poems. And all while taking care of their children (Isabella still wants seven and Galavant wants to negotiate it to three.)

The two deserving heroes got a beautiful wedding ceremony officiated by the singing monks (led by guest star Weird Al Yankovic), who gave the vows a creative twist by listing a number of weird misfortunes that the couple may have to overcome including: “rampaging Vikings, cannibal elves, hobbits, bikers, dolphins with lasers, mutants, lawyers.. ”.

If there is a third season of the show, it will be interesting to see how Galavant and Isabella will adjust to civilian life. As much as they deserve a vacation after all they have been through, they are both warriors at heart. And I suspect that if their lives are too quiet for too long, they will be restless for adventure. And this restlessness during peace times will be something interesting to explore.

Galavant, S2 Ep10 - The One True King (To Unite Them All)Richard got his happy ending too, not only becoming a proper king, but chasing after his true love, Roberta. He caught her right before she sailed off to Spinster Island, and by the end of the episode they are sharing their lives together in domestic bliss.

Oh, and Tad Cooper is a fully-grown dragon now.

The fate of the series remains uncertain, given its low ratings. But hopefully, the critical acclaim and passionate fan base will come through. If anything, we’ve had two remarkable seasons of musical television. I will conclude with the final lyrics of the season finale song, which pretty much sums up how everyone feels about the show:

“And now we’re almost done, our tale completely spun, as buffed and polished as a royal jewel,
There’s not much left to tell, and hey, that’s just as well, unless we get one more surprise renewal,
Now, we’ll probably have to go and get work on some cheap-ass cable network,
But, the door is not quite shut, so if we make the cut, here’s what you’ll see on Galavant!”

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