Agent Carter S2 E3 – Better Angels

If anything struck home about this week’s Agent Carter, it was certainly that even the best laid plans can turn to ruin. In the wake of the zero matter explosion it becomes apparent to Peggy that Isodyne Industries is making the presumed-dead Doctor Wilkes their scapegoat. With conveniently placed money, a Russian passport, gun, and a few words to the newspaper it seems this case has put a bow on itself. Especially when Jack Thompson makes his way to Hollywood demanding Peggy closes the case, and going so far as to even forge her signature when she refuses to sign herself.

Thankfully Agent Carter isn’t fooled and turns to other allies in order to solve this case. Yes folks, Howard Stark is back in full crazed glory. Spouting things about trips to Peru, Irish coffee, and pulling an all-nighter, Stark brings access to secret clubs and his mad scientist brain concocting solutions to the situation Wilkes finds himself in.

With the investigation going to the male and pale club Peggy ensures Stark can have all of his whims, flooding the gentlemen-only club with women in true Hollywood style. The rickety influential men don’t know what’s coming for them, although it doesn’t seem that they truly mind the influx of pink. The grand entrance proves to be pointless, as the planted bugs end up being a dud. With no proof other than what Peggy saw with her own eyes, it seems the investigation is doomed from the start. Even with that, her presence makes enough of a noticeable ruckus to make her a target that needs to be dealt with.

As this episode comes to an end, it quickly becomes clear that Whitney Frost is more than meets the eye. In fact, she’s the brains behind the operation. She plays her husband like a violin to get him to have Peggy dealt with, becomes America’s sweetheart through acting while moving away from her scientific background, and then hides the monster she’s become due to the zero matter incident. Yes, Whitney Frost is this season’s form of evil. Too bad only Peggy is onto her.

Take a look below at next Tuesday’s episode when Peggy’s need to solve this crime causes her to go rogue.