Shadowhunters, S1 E2- The Descent into Hell isn’t Easy

Shadowhunters S1E02- "The Descent into Hell isn't Easy"
"And this concludes my presentation on why I'll never go out of 'Style'"

“And this concludes my presentation on why I’ll never go out of ‘style'”

In the series premiere episode of Shadowhunters, Clary first learned that she was 1) a shadowhunter (basically a demon hunter) and 2) that a world filled with demons and creatures galore always existed right in front of her. Come the beginning of this episode, 1.02: “The Descent into Hell isn’t Easy”, she’s an absolute pro.

Leaving right where we left off (this episode totally could have served as a part two to the pilot), Simon just wants to take Clary home and for them to go about their normal, mundane lives. That would be awesome, if Clary had a home (and a mother) to return to. With Simon and Clary being a “package deal”, Simon is quickly introduced to the shadowhunter world and to the Mick Jagger lookalike that is Jace (Dominic Sherwood did portray a younger version in Not Fade Away, so I get it Simon). Yeah, he’s clearly not a fan of Jace. The blond demon hunter un-glamorizes the abandoned church into its true purpose as the Institute, and fans of the books can definitely note a change. In the book series, the only inhabitants in the Institute were Jace, Isabelle, Alec and Hodge. In Shadowhunters, the Institute serves as almost a Headquarters for shadowhunters around the world (noted by heaps of extras walking around, etc.). It’s nice to see that our beloved characters aren’t holed up in a empty Institute with the same people day in and day out.

Shadowhunters S1E02- "The Descent into Hell is Easy"

Alec Lightwood. The voice of reason, and clearly has a thing for Jace. (Just wait for Magnus, honey)

The series premiere episode didn’t do the Lightwood siblings justice. It’s this episode where we really get to see these characters and their personalities shine. Older brother, Alec Lightwood, is the rules abiding, no-nonsense sibling. He does not take lightly to having Simon, a mundane, at the Institute. Isabelle is a fun loving, energetic, and confident woman, who is the type to go after what she wants. This can be seen when she’s introduced to Simon, whom she later confesses to Clary is “nerd hot”. Just don’t eat her cooking, Jace warns Simon.

Aside from trying to find her Mom’s whereabouts, Clary’s main obstacle is recovering her lost memories. This is where Hodge (Jon Cor) comes in. Having left the Circle, a group that revolted against other shadowhunters back in the day, he is forced to stay in the Institute and can’t leave under any circumstances. So in return, he’s the weapon trainer with some serious rock hard abs; there was a #HodgeisHot hashtag for a reason on social media. Because Hodge knows everything about the Circle, Clary asks him questions about her Mom and the Circle in general. With each answer he gives her, a rune severely burns him, thanks to the Clave (shadowhunter law-based system). What happened in the Circle stays in the Circle. But Clary and the viewers do learn that Jocelyn was a former Circle member, and the purpose of the Mortal Cup. What Clary, Hodge, and the rest don’t know is that Valentine is very much alive, unlike their assumptions.

Shadowhunters S1E02- "The Descent into Hell is Easy"

Isabelle Lightwood: Shadowhunter, terrible cook, and displaying some serious confident body positivity

Only problem is, even if Clary knew where the Mortal Cup might be, her lack of memories doesn’t help. Who does Clary know that could reverse a spell? Her downstairs neighbor and practically big sister, Dot! But before they go on the “find Dot” mission, Clary needs some demon hunting clothes. Enter Isabelle. “Is this the least revealing thing you have?” “All the naughty bits are covered,” Izzy responds to Clary. “A little too much in my opinion.” When reading the first Mortal Instruments book, Isabelle’s character always caught my attention. She was fun, confident, and as mentioned above, not afraid to get what she wants. However, I’ve noticed in this series, they’ve fleshed out her character and added more layers to her. The same could be said for Clary. Still hesitant on being a shadowhunter, Isabelle gives her an impromptu pep talk. “This is who you are.” “Not exactly feeling that,” Clary replies. “Yet.”A female friendship that doesn’t contain jealously over the same guy, envy over each other’s popularity/looks, and just the overall callous nature of girls in the media sometimes? I’ll take more please! Unfortunately, they didn’t pass the Bechdel test, though. Clary asked about Jace (*plugs ears to drown out the Jace/Clary fans’ hysterical cries*) and Isabelle asked about the nerd hot, package deal of a best friend, Simon.

Shadowhunters S1E02- "The Descent into Hell isn't Easy"

“$50 says he doesn’t approve of this mission.”
“I don’t approve of this mission.”

The mission to find Dot doesn’t exactly go as planned. They get a vision, thanks to the crystal necklace. She’s running towards the Pandemonium night club! I’m more impressed that she’s alive than anything. Well, she is an 100+ year warlock. Run shadowhunter scooby gang, run! But as us viewers see before Clary and co., Dot only visited the club to confront Magnus Bane about needing her help with the Fray women. He’s too busy creating a portal to transport himself and any other warlock interested away from Valentine. You can’t hurt what you can’t see. Magnus out. Once the gang arrives to Pandemonium, and Clary has run a mile in her high heeled boots, she has another vision that shows Dot being captured by Valentine’s henchmen. Uh-oh.

"I bet you show all the pretty girls your witch light."

“I bet you show all the pretty girls your witch light.”

Plan B in getting Clary’s memories back: the Silent Brothers; two very powerful beings that, by using a special sword within the City of Bones, can retrieve any memory. Note to Clary: it’s exhausting and painful. The sight of the Silent Brothers is definitely a terrifying one. With gouged out eyes, stitched up mouths, and their only way to communicate through people’s thoughts, how can they not be? The brothers are successful in at least recovering one of Clary’s memories. Luke and Jocelyn discussing some unfortunate truth while they think Clary is asleep. That truth is that Valentine is Jocelyn’s father. Cue the Darth Vader memes. Like from Valentine himself, Alan Van Spring. Having read the books, it was amusing seeing everyone freak out over this information. Wait for what’s to come!

Meanwhile, Isabelle and Simon are getting to know each other quite well. Thinking of the first thing that’ll impress her, he states he’s in a band. And he wants to play his music for her. All night long. I kid (maybe?). But as all supernatural shows go, a sudden noise is heard, startling Isabelle. Thinking it’s from outside, Izzy tells Simon to head into his van and lock the door. Of course, the sound was coming from inside the van and now vampires have Simon. I wish I was kidding.

When Jace and Clary return, Isabelle runs to them saying how she lost Simon (like he’s a rat or child). As if on cue, Simon is seen dangling from his ankles by a female vampire. The Mortal Cup in exchange for the mundane, she demands. Well, this sucks. Let’s just hope the vampires don’t suck Simon dry.

Will they find Simon in time? We just have to wait to see the newest Shadowhunters episode!

1.03: “Dead Man’s Party” airs tonight (1/26) at 9/8c on Freeform!
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