Galavant, S2 Ep8 – Do the D’DEW

“It’s a dark season, and it’s been all along…”

Galavant, S2 Ep8 - Do the D'DEWThis episode of Galavant is all about things that have been simmering for the past two seasons FINALLY happening. For instance, we have the long-awaited confrontation between Isabella and Madalena (and Gareth admits as much.) After negotiations break down between the two defiant royals, they launch into an epic catfight duet that is one of the best musical numbers of the season. Madalena and Isabella sing and dance their hearts out as they try to one-up the other. In an attempt to counter one of Madalena’s arguments, Isabella pretends that they have the wielder of the hero’s sword, The One King to Unite Them All. She decides she’ll figure it out later. Lucky for her, he’s actually on his way to join her, along with her true love.

Galavant, S2 Ep8 - Do the D'DEWRichard and Roberta FINALLY get together and celebrate their love in an awesome Grease-inspired number. With zombies grunting in the background. But even surrounded by the undead, Richard and Roberta look smitten and the number was catchy and sweet. It’s great to finally see Roberta’s feelings returned, as well as to see Richard happy after spending most of the season lost and sad. They work well together so it’s a pity that it’s so short lived, but more on that later.

Galavant tries in vain to motivate his newly acquired zombie army to fight for him. But all exhortations about glory and strength have no effect on them. When he laments, however, on how he will not be able to fight for his love, this elicits a reaction from them. And the speech about the nobility of love that didn’t work on the peasants from an earlier episode actually works on the zombies! They perk up and become more sentient and organized. Only on Galavant would we be able to have love-defending zombies and it’s wonderful.

Galavant, S2 Ep8 - Do the D'DEWBack in the Valencian camp, Wormwood had let slip how he was a practitioner of the D’DEW (“the Dark, Dark Evil Way”) and this immediately appealed to Madalena. Gareth argues against it and at first it seems like she gives in to him. But she later secretly meets up with Wormwood and asks to be inducted into the D’DEW. This craving for power is very true to her character, although it’s a disappointing development in terms of her relationship to Gareth. She may have acquired more power by the end of this episode (as evidenced by the awesome momentary glowing red of her eyes) but as Once Upon a Time always likes to remind us, “All Magic Comes with a Price.” And in Madalena’s case, this may well be her relationship with Gareth.

Just as Galavant and Richard are about to march to Hortensia, Sid runs away leaving a note to Galavant about how he needs to atone for temporarily killing him. Galavant regrets having reminded Sid of this sarcastically, but wonders what Sid intends to do. Even Sid doesn’t seem to know.

Galavant, S2 Ep8 - Do the D'DEWAnd in a strange development, Roberta breaks up with Richard because apparently, she can’t bear to see him die in battle. And she knows Richard well enough to know that he most definitely will die in this fight. Richard leaves heartbroken as Roberta watches sadly.

This twist seems a bit out of character, because all we’ve seen of Roberta is that she was willing to join a seemingly-pointless and dangerous quest just to be with Richard. And now that they’re finally together, she suddenly can’t bear to see him die? I would have thought she would readily ride to battle with him (and to probably protect him.) A bit of miss in an otherwise good episode.

Galavant, S2 Ep8 - Do the D'DEWIt ends with a dark reprise of the opening number sung by the leaders of the three marching armies. It’s a short but chilling number, effectively setting up the epic finale.

“It’s a dark season and it’s been all along
A grim season, there’s no point in pretending
For some reason we’re still singing this song,
But this time with a D’DEW-zy of an ending

This season needs a hero
And he’s on his way.”

Next week is the last week of Galavant this year! And it looks like the season finale will be a tricky one:


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