Galavant, S2 Ep7 – Love and Death

“I’m with you. In spirit. Literally.”

Let’s get this out of the way for now. Galavant lives. Kind of. He did die for a while there, long enough to have a supernatural musical number with Death (wonderfully played by Eddie Marsan) but he’s back, and ready to join Isabella in Hortensia. Through Hortensian tradition, Isabella has been chosen to lead the troops in the upcoming war against Valencia (to which they were given lovely “invitations” by Wormwood’s confused assistant, Barry.) Although she is hesitant, she is determined to do her best to defend the kingdom. Which will be extra tricky considering the Hortensian armory is filled with toys.

Galavant, S2 Ep7 - Love and DeathA distraught Richard, Sid, and Roberta bring Galavant to the Caves of Sporin where they meet the healer, Neo, played by League of Gentlemen Star Reece Shearsmith. (Makes me wonder why they didn’t ask help from Galavant’s father since they were on his estate.) Anyway, after a fun song number where Neo emphasizes that “Time is of the Essence,” Galavant dies, but Neo mentions that he’s also been working on a potion to bring back the dead. And the missing ingredient happens to be a gray hair from the beard of a middle-aged man “pure of body, untouched by a woman.” We all know who that is. And it was a hilarious way to bring back the unicorn who’s been so drawn to Richard.

“You’re heading forever to the great big whatever in the sky.”

Galavant’s vision beyond the grave was a fun opportunity for many of the main characters (even Madalena and a random guy were there!) to sing an ensemble number with flowy costumes and jazzy choreography, and also for him to find out about the “fart joke” misunderstanding between him and Isabella. He knows now that she thinks he broke her heart and he is eager to make amends.

Galavant, S2 Ep7 - Love and DeathAnd he comes back to life just in time to interrupt a sweet moment between Richard and Roberta. It was great to see Richard’s friendship for Galavant really shining through in this episode, since their relationship has been growing all season. Likewise, it was also great to finally see some progress with Roberta with her admitting her feelings to him and his finally realizing that the love he yearns for has been in front of him all along. And the whole “girl standing in front of a boy, over a dead body” bit was hilarious.

Galavant, S2 Ep7 - Love and DeathAnother couple who were given a lot of time this episode were Gareth and Madalena. With their relationship growing since that moment when he gave her earrings (with ears still attached), they are both realizing how serious their feelings for each other are becoming. In a moment of excitement, Madalena blurts out how much she loves Gareth before recoiling, unable to process these new feelings. Clearly, someone like her would have a lot of hang-ups and it shows in this episode. Gareth, on the other hand, is smitten and launches into a hilariously awkward love song (complete with a bouncing blue bird on the lyrics, sing-along style). His lack of appropriate vocabulary (“the sun is doing its shine-thing,” “feathered beasts,” “vine-thing”) makes the song both funny and endearing.

Galavant, S2 Ep7 - Love and DeathHe tries to confront Madalena about this but she is unable to talk directly. So they end up having an indirect heart-to-heart conversation by addressing their troops. The soldiers seem pretty cool with it. Gareth assures the queen that he’s willing to take things slow if she feels so overwhelmed with her feelings, because what he feels is special. And Madalena calms down knowing she isn’t being pressured into anything (although Wormwood’s wedding planner instincts made him start picking flower arrangements for the royal couple.)

And Galavant finally gets his army…of zombies! That’s one genre I didn’t expect to see on this show, so it makes the surprise all the more effective. I should have seen it coming because of all the Game of Thrones references. White Walkers would not have been too much of a stretch. But Galavant finally has all the forces he needs to support Isabella in the coming war. And hopefully, they finally work things out between them before the season ends.

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