Scott Snyder to Conclude His 5-Year Run on ‘Batman’

Batman #51

Batman #51

A little over five years ago DC Comics launched their New 52 initiative, relaunching and re-branding their entire line of comics. With that relaunch began writer Scott Snyder’s epic run on Batman, along with artist Greg Capullo. While The New 52 branding has since faded away and DC Comics is already teasing another relaunch, Scott Snyder’s run on the series is coming to a conclusion.

According to reports, not only will Snyder leave Batman, but the series will switch to a bi-monthly schedule. Fortunately, those who enjoy Snyder’s work on the character will still get to read his work on Detective Comics. While his official last issue of Batman is yet to be announced it’s being reported that he will move to Detective Comics following his Batman departure.

Since he began his run on Batman, Snyder and artist Greg Capullo have contributed a lot to the mythology and history of Batman. They completely altered Gotham City’s history by introducing us to the Court of Owls, retold the Dark Knight’s origins in “Zero Year”, and gave us one of the scariest Jokers to date complete with a face straight out of a horror movie in “Death of the Family”. Currently, Snyder’s run follows the adventures of Commissioner James Gordon as he has become Gotham City’s new Batman. Snyder and Capullo’s next issue, Batman #49, is set to hit store shelves February 10. As of this moment it’s unclear which issue will be Snyder’s last.