Reign, S3 E10- Bruises That Lie

“It’s bad enough you’re old and dull, but you’re a wife beater, too?" Princess Claude, can throw physical and verbal punches.

“It’s bad enough you’re old and dull, but you’re a wife beater, too?” Princess Claude can throw physical and verbal punches.

The moment Claude never thought would come, has. Thanks to Narcisse and apparently King Charles, she is off to be arranged to wed Duke Boinel. There is nothing our favorite queens, Mary and Catherine, can do. Charles won’t even listen to his own mother! All he hears is Narcisse’s brainwashing words in his ears. Yes, France needs the money, but at what price? Apparently Claude’s unhappiness will work. The wedding itself is a torturous one, seeing Claude forced to muster an “I do” and be whisked away to the Duke’s estate. Leith and Claude say their goodbyes prior to and – I’m not crying, I swear. What’s worse is their last lingering looks at each other as Claude leaves with Boinel in his carriage.

Needing to drown his sorrows, Leith heads to Greer’s tavern and ends up getting more than just several beers. Because she’s his ex, I feel like Greer will forever have certain liberties over him. Like, she’s probably the only one he’ll listen/come to for advice. Actually, he has been as of late. Leith drones on about how he’s given up the idea of love and being loved; look at how great it’s been for him so far. Greer refuses to let him do such a thing. Look at how he’s risen up from the lowly kitchens and snagged himself a nice knight guard job. It’s lovely seeing two former lovers continue to want what’s best for their ex-partner. Honestly, it shows how much they still and always will care for each other.

At least Mary has Greer to ask her all of those "what to do when you're kicked out of the castle" questions

At least Mary has Greer for all of those “what to do when you’re kicked out of the castle” questions

Greer certainly could have used Leith’s advice, but seeing how she wants no one to know of her pregnancy, that definitely couldn’t happen. Our madame has her own issues to sort out. For starters, Martin the pirate has sailed back into town and immediately seeks out Greer. Trying to cop a feel, it isn’t long before he finds out Greer is pregnant and the baby is his. He insists she keep the baby as opposed to giving it to another family like she plans. They’ll be great parents, he says. He’ll give the little tyke gold and gifts, and he promises to visit at least two times a year! Your interest in Greer and her situation is sweet, but Greer’ll basically be raising the kid on her own. However, it might be better than letting Greer’s sister, Ellen, have the child. Greer insists Ellen and her husband live close by so she can visit, but they want to remain with their family in Scotland. Maybe Greer could end up taking Martin up on his offer?

Claude and Duke Boinel do not have a nice newlywed night. Boinel slaps her across her face on account of her “behavior” shortly after arriving. Thanks to Leith and his “Latin” lessons, it’s Boinel that gets the beating. “Do you have any idea how lucky you are to be married to me?” she yells while beating the crap out of him. It’s simple, Narcisse. Princess Claude cannot and will not be wedded off. She runs away to Paris before returning home. After Charles sees Claude’s bruise-stricken face, he knows he’s made a horrible mistake. He let Narcisse’s thinking and ideas get in the way of Claude’s health and safety. You know who couldn’t do that? Their mother, Catherine. There is no voting this time, Charles tells Narcisse and the council. Catherine is regent. Someone put a lovely crown back on her head!

Catherine de' Medici: there isn't a a plan she can't solve or a person she can't poison. True Queen status.

Catherine de’ Medici: there isn’t a a plan she can’t solve or a person she can’t poison. True Queen status.

“I am regent!” Catherine happily cries as she enters Mary’s bedroom. You’re too precious, Cat. Of course, Mary knows most of Catherine’s plans come with a price. She figures it has something to do with the gold Mary found hidden in her room. But Cat’s lips are sealed. (It’s probably better for Mary’s well being anyway). As we find later on, that slap Duke Boinel placed on Claude was all part of the plan. Claude gets out of her arranged marriage, Charles actually listens to his mother, and Mary isn’t forced to leave France. Catherine becoming regent is a win/win for every party – except Narcisse.

Seeing how Mary was almost booted out of France, it’s a good thing Catherine became regent when she did. Surprisingly, being homeless wasn’t her concern throughout the episode. No, her top priority was Gideon Blackburn. Once she gets word that Elizabeth sent Gideon here to seduce and spy on Mary, and that she’s holding his daughter captive until he does so, Mary is happy to further the process. The pair develop a faux-romantic relationship that various guards and such can witness. From patio dinners to kisses, these two are committed. Maybe a little too committed on Gideon’s part. Valentine’s Day must have come early this year, because the instant Gideon and Mary kiss, it’s like he got hit by Cupid’s arrow and is now madly in love with the girl. I’m just going to say that Mary’s lips are magical. Do you think Mary and Gideon are going to become an item? Or will Mary’s words, “We might be friends, but our countries are still enemies,” refrain ‘Maridon’ from happening?

Queen Elizabeth’s English Court Adventures: Poor Liz has her pregnancy on her mind throughout the entire episode! From the very beginning, she’s pouring blood on her sheets to keep up the ruse that she’s not pregnant to her maids. So glad I live in this current time, could not imagine what it would be like to have your time of the month back then. Lola later arrives in England seeking the freedom of her family. Knowing how the Queen of England is, that isn’t going to work, Lol. Elizabeth and Lola do share a rather friendly conversation, however. Elizabeth is perplexed that Lola would still consider her bastard son, Jonathan, as one of the proudest moments of her life. This sparks interest with the Queen, who comes to the realization that maybe she can have this child and raise it as her own. Unfortunately, all of this is cut short when Elizabeth is poisoned from her daily tea and miscarries. Now the question is: who poisoned her? Seeing how no one knew about said pregnancy except for Robert Dudley, this might be a tricky case to solve.

Next recap: Mary returns to Scotland. What will this mean for both French court and her rivalry with Elizabeth? Seeing how John Barrowman was cast to portray Francis’ killer, things aren’t looking good for Mary, Queen of Scots.

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