Agent Carter: Episodes One and Two Review

The two hour premier of Agent Carter aired Tuesday night, with the first two episodes of the season blasting back into viewer’s homes with ass kicking to the max. With the return of favorite characters and the introduction of new ones to be adored, one thing is certain: this season is going to be a wild ride.

In the six months that have passed in Peggy’s universe since the last episode, the SSR hasn’t wasted any time. Peggy and her team begin by tying up some loose ends from season one with the return and capture of Dottie Underwood. Whether seeking greater retribution or feeling overshadowed by Peggy’s knack for closing cases, Thompson tosses her to the West Coast office.

Even during the mysteries of zero matter, secret societies, individuals freezing from contaminated water, and a glow in the Agent Carter - Frost and Chadwickdark woman, Peggy still finds some time to have fun. The reunification of Sousa and Peggy set sail many shippers’ hearts until they were broken at the end of the first hour. Even when providing a potential love interest with scientist Jason Wilkes for Peggy, many Agent Carter fans hope this season will provide a happy ending for their two favorite SSR agents.

But the show stopper might just be the reveal of Missus Jarvis. Ana’s wacky personality in contrast to her uptight husband’s might just make her the new fan favorite. With her well placed one liners, great fashion sense, and ability to predict Peggy’s need of a holster or whisky at nine in the morning, she is surely making herself invaluable within the first two episodes.

In fact, the only one who hasn’t made their debut this season is the infamous Stark. Off and about doing his typical thing, Howard never ceases to amaze with his special antics. Or with his specialized technology to help aid in his search for female companionship.

One thing is for sure: this show is only getting started and lots of questions await an answer. Such as the infamous couple Whitney Frost and Calvin Chadwick. There is more than meets the eye with these two and their sketchy secrets. Especially with the addition of zero matter and the lasting repercussions it will have on this season. As always don’t forget to tune in to the next episode, which promises new gadgets, disguises, and more of everyone’s favorite agent.

What did you think of the return of Agent Carter? Was it everything you expected and more?