Galavant, S2 Ep6 – About Last Knight

“I’ve had worse….Maybe not.” – Galavant

Galavant continues as Isabella returns triumphantly back to Hortensia and confronts Wormwood. He admits to his evil plans, having no other choice, but shows no fear because according to him, only the sword wielded by The One True King to Unite Them All can kill him. Too bad we don’t know where it is or if it happens to be in the hands of a certain clueless, bearded king to be. Anyway, this is just one of the ways the disparate plotlines of the show begins to connect with each other.

Galavant, S2 Ep6 - About Last KnightAfter Isabella threatens to cause some serious bodily harm to Wormwood, he and his apprentice escape into the aptly named “Forest of Coincidence,” which really needs no further explanation. They bump into Sid, because of course they do, who conveniently informs them that Valencia is being ruled by a couple of war-obsessed psychos. So, off to Valencia Wormwood goes.

And speaking of Sid, he finally gets his “moment in the sun”/ a solo this season in the rousing opening number “Today We Rise.” He incites the peasants to revolution against their unjust rulers in a number not unlike “Do You Hear the People Sing?” from Les Miserables. But his version contains a lot of explicit descriptions of the kinds of torture and pain they will inevitably suffer at the hands of the considerably larger and more powerful army that they are up against. And though the peasants are keen to join his revolution at the start, as he keeps singing and describing all the horrible things that they will have to endure once they are captured, little by little, the peasants leave him until he is left to face the soldiers alone. Poor old Sid.

Isabella finally breaks off her engagement with her prepubescent cousin after facing a council of sorts. And apparently, the only requirement from her to break such an engagement is to surrender her bra. Ridiculous as this may be and though this sets feminism back somewhat, Isabella is finally free. Which begs the question: if breaking off the engagement was this (relatively) simple and straightforward, why didn’t she just do this in the first place? After seeing countless elaborate escape attempts, all this could have been avoided if she had just faced the council? Anyway, the main thing is that Isabella is free.

Back in Valencia, Madalena adorably tries to throw a surprise party for Gareth’s birthday. It’s really great to see how much she truly cares for him and how willing she is to make him happy. At first he thinks it’s a surprise attack, so he cuts down a few peasants before the queen clarifies things. Gareth admits that what he really wants is to get a new scar from a pub brawl but when Madalena takes him to the roughest joints in the kingdom, no one dares raise a hand to their new king. Even when he insults them and their families. So he goes home disappointed, but cheers up when Madalena (with a sleazy Wormwood) announces that they are about to join an unprovoked war with Hortensia.

Galavant, S2 Ep6 - About Last KnightMeanwhile, Galavant, Richard, and Roberta continue to wander, lost and starving. (At one point, they were even forced to eat hobbits! Oh, the horror!) But they stumble upon the estate of a certain Sir Galavant, who turns out to be Gal’s dad. But all the pain of daddy issues resurfaces when the knight whines about how his father was never there for him and had no heart to love. But this leads to a surprising development where Daddy Galavant is now currently running a training school for less fortunate orphan boys. These young trainees burst into song (a bit reminiscent of Oliver!) as they extol the virtues of their new benefactor, while Galavant counters them with all his bitter memories of his father never being there.

During their eventual confrontation, Gal’s dad shows a room full of tapestries of young Gal’s memorable moments growing up. The older mad admits that he has always loved and been proud of his son, but never knew how to express it properly. And this, of course, leads to a touching father-son reconciliation. An interesting development for our hero. My only complaint was that Gal’s dad is now being played by Greg Wise who, while great in the role, is still not Anthony Head (from season 1). And they didn’t even have a throwaway line explaining why they recast him!

Galavant, S2 Ep6 - About Last KnightAnother happy reunion occurs Sid arrives at the estate at the end of the episode. But as he tosses Galavant’s sword to him (seriously, who throws a sword?), he accidentally stabs Galavant in the chest. Sid, Richard, and Roberta look on in horror while Galavant, Monty Python style, says “I’ve had worse….Maybe not.” before collapsing to the ground.

But never fear, next week we have zombies! And not just any zombies, mind you, ROMANTIC ZOMBIES:

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