Reign, S3 E9- Wedlock

Reign S3E09- "Wedlock"
Reign S3E09- "Wedlock"

“I am a queen, about to marry a broken prince for power.”

The Mary and Don Carlos engagement is still underfoot, and that makes Mary all the more nervous. She’s only marrying this man for his attributes of power and land, not love. This results in her spending her nights on the balcony, for some much needed time to think. While outside thinking about her impending marriage to an impaired prince, she finds Gideon Blackburn has joined her. A quick sob story about his dead wife and imprisoned daughter, and he has Mary in the palm of his hand. Our Queen of Scots isn’t stupid though; she knows Gideon is somehow involved with Queen Elizabeth. Will this stop Mary from eventually falling for the spy? No, but I doubt she’ll jump his bones as quick as say – Conde?

Since their late night patio chat didn’t work to turn Mary off of the wedding, Gideon announces that Queen Elizabeth has suddenly decided to seek out a marriage with Don Carlos. Like Mary is going to let that happen (even though it totally wouldn’t happen in the first place, seeing how Elizabeth only has eyes for Robert Dudley).

Due to Elizabeth’s proposal, Mary wants to get married to Don Carlos ASAP! But prior to that Don Carlos’ guard insists Mary sign a Crown Matrimonial document. Basically if Mary dies childless, Don Carlos is still King of Scotland. Catherine advises that usually it’s a big and horrible deal. However with Don’s current paralyzed state, they have nothing to worry about. Wrong. Turns out Don Carlos can say things other than “pretty Mary.” He has regained his normal speech, intelligence, and thanks to the whipping flashbacks: his memory. It was his idea to propose the Crown Matrimonial document. Fortunately, thanks to Mary’s pup, Stirling, licking Don Carlos’ hand, Mary catches him in the act of moving his “paralyzed” hand. Your secret is out, Don, and now Mary definitely regrets her agreement to sign the papers. There’s always a plan to foil these kinds of things. Gideon knows just the thing.

Reign S3E09- "Wedlock"

“I don’t even know what I ever saw in you.”

Come wedding day, Don Carlos and Mary are about to sign the wedding papers. Mary does so accordingly. Don Carlos blows his cover after realizing the Crown Matrimonial document hadn’t been written in. Bye Don Carlos! It’s been nice knowing ya. Narcisse tries to make him stay, due to his country’s severe debt and much needed money from Spain. Catherine is having none of it and bans Don “pretty Mary” Carlos from this castle and country.

Also featured in this episode is some adorable and much needed Claude and Leith development (Cleith?). It seems the two have been taking on the task of learning Latin quite frequently. Latin is code for self-defense (which eventually leads to makeout session), and it appears Leith is a great teacher. In the middle of every dull and boring suitor date Claude has to go through, Leith reminds her of her Latin lesson, and no one is the wiser. But one day during their lessons, Leith proposes they take their relationship to the next level. When Claude appears hesitant, the pair lash out at each other saying things they definitely don’t mean. Leith claims that Claude’s slept around and Claude brings up Leith’s lowly work status.

The real reason, as Greer points out: Claude actually loves the guy and that alone is freaking her out. I never thought I’d be fond of this pairing. I thought I would just continue to sail that Greith ship, even though it was unlikely the pair would ever rekindle their relationship. But I guess I was wrong. Claude and Leith declare their love for each other in the form of Latin and it’s hilariously adorable. Unfortunately, Cleith’s perfect newly cemented relationship hits a major obstacle. Narcisse thinks it’s a brilliant idea to marry Claude off to the Duke Boinel, to receive money for his debt. Narcisse, Catherine is going to loathe you ten times more once she hears about this.

Reign S3E09- "Wedlock"

“Being in a love triangle is hard work. How did Mary handle all of this last season?”

Queen Elizabeth’s English Court Adventures: Amy freaking Dudley. She has been the best part of Elizabeth’s England subplots, in my opinion. The woman may not be a royal queen, but she definitely is a drama queen. Elizabeth begins to tell some major news to Robert Dudley: she’s pregnant. What would be fantastic news for the majority of us, is actually horrifying news for this couple. They feel their only option is to get married, seeing how Liz can’t risk her life by getting an abortion. Only problem: Amy. Robert can’t exactly leave her in the dust while Liz and he live happily ever after. Maybe they can, if she is deemed insane and admitted to a mental hospital. Amy is obviously not too happy about this idea. No way is she going to be locked away again! So she creates her own plan.

Crazed Amy creates the sounds and look of a fight and struggle, and hurls herself off the Dudley’s banister – thus falling to her death. Her last words: “Rot in hell, you and your Virgin Queen!” Amy’s body is later found and instantly suspected to be a murder. That makes Robert and Elizabeth the prime suspects. Goodbye lovely marriage, hello a child born out of wedlock with an added dose of prison. Having us witness Amy’s death makes the real Amy Dudley‘s death that much eerier. To this day, her cause of death is unknown. Just that she was found at the bottom of the Dudley’s staircase. This makes me wonder what really happened to her.

Next recap: Claude tries desperately to get out of her arranged marriage to the Duke with no help from her King brother, Charles. And Elizabeth is finding it difficult to keep her pregnancy a secret.

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