Reign, S3 E8- Our Undoing

Reign S3E08- "Our Undoing"
Reign S3E08- "Our Undoing"

What happens in the wine cellar, stays in the wine cellar.

Last time we saw our Queen Duo, “Matherine” (Mary and Catherine), they had just witnessed the Prince of Spain, Don Carlos, crack his head open via his sex horse contraption. Yeah, it’s still hard to believe Reign went there, right?

At the start of this episode, 3.08: “Our Undoing”, the queens are hoping to do just that: Undo that horrible mistake!
The pair immediately run away from the scene into Catherine’s bed chamber, praying that the prince of Spain doesn’t live to see another day. They would certainly have some explaining to do if he survived. The girls burn any evidence of their connection in the fire. Catherine’s just about to empty her potions stash, but in walks Narcisse. Act cool, the two probably telepathically tell one another. It isn’t until they leave him to search the room does Mary learn of Catherine’s accused act in Francis’ death. She may be vindictive and sly, but murder her own son? Never. Heck, half of the show was Catherine trying to kill/remove Mary so Francis’ prophecy wouldn’t come true. Mary knows this and is willing to help in any way she can. Writers, why did you pit these two ladies against each other for so long? They make such a marvelous pair now. Prior to exiting, Catherine grabbed a potion that 1) could have poisoned Francis and 2) wasn’t hers. Everyone say his name with me now: Narcisse.

Reign S3E08- "Our Undoing"

“It must be difficult for you to see my head still resting so comfortably on my body.” -Catherine de’ Medici

We all knew he was bad news. To think I was starting to be fond of Lola and Narcisse’s relationship. After learning about Narcisse’s affair with Catherine, Mary tries to confide in Lola about her husband’s true intentions. But to no avail. Narcisse is a changed man; he couldn’t possibly be associated with murder and slander now! That is until Lola associates Narcisse’s scribe, Cedric’s, handwriting with that of the “dead rat” note. Cedric denies it, but Narcisse isn’t happy about the hiccup in his plan to a happy marriage. Instead of confessing to everything he’s done, he throws Cedric off a high tower – because logic. However, the next day when Lola wants to send a letter to England (I’ll get into that in a bit), and needs Cedric, Narcisse says he let him go. Lola doesn’t even bat an eye and brings up the idea of her husband murdering him. Dude, you suck at keeping a secret. You should find Niklaus Mikaelson and trade horror stories with him. Needless to say, Narcisse and Lola are through. Looks like you need to find a new bath mate, Narcisse.

Don Carlos manages to survive his accident, although his mind isn’t 100% there. His guards will keep the true nature of the accident hidden, for the sake of it potentially tarnishing his reputation. Mary continues to go along with the courtship, even having Don Carlos’ engagement gift be grain for the entire country of Scotland.

Reign S3E08- "Our Undoing"

“You are my dearest friend. And as of today, the bravest person I know.”

Since Catherine is under murder suspicions for Francis, Narcisse interrogates everyone for any potential clues. Hey, remember last season, when Catherine (and Ghost Henry) poisoned Claude? Well, this particular moment sneaks up on Catherine once more. Claude tries to lie, but a search warrant in her bedchambers has her diary in Narcisse’s hands. Now with actual evidence that Catherine has tried to poison one of her children before, Catherine is a sitting duck. Luckily for her, Cat has her new BFF Mary to sneak her out of the castle. With some detective work from Bash, Catherine is able to uncover Francis’ corpse to see if he really was poisoned.

Turns out, his body was never embalmed (let alone touched). As proof she arrives back to the castle with the body in her possession. Catherine’s accusation is discarded! Although I doubt she will ever be able to get rid of the horrible image of the rotting corpse of her son. Ew.

Come the end of the episode, Lola has gone through quite the change. She’s found out what kind of man Narcisse really is (and left him, thank goodness). Goodbye French court, hello England. As part of her many schemes, Queen Elizabeth is keeping Lola’s family hostage unless Lola resides in English court. She accepts Elizabeth’s instructions, and says her sweet goodbyes to Mary. But now I’m left wondering, what does Elizabeth have up her sleeve for Lola?

What did everyone think of 3.08: “Our Undoing”?


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