The Chronicles of Narnia to be rebooted

chronicles-of-narnia-silver-chair-titleThe film franchise based on C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia will be revived.

According to a report on Collider, producer Mark Gordon confirms that a film adaptation of the fourth Narnia book, The Silver Chair, is being planned. He said:

“We’re hoping to be able to make the movie very shortly. We’re very excited about it.”

But Gordon also added that this new film will not be retaining any of the old cast members from the previous adaptations, the latest of which was 2010’s The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. He said:

“No, it’s all going be a brand new franchise. All original. All original characters, different directors, and an entire new team that this is coming from.”

And with regard to “original characters,” Gordon clarified to Collider that this refers to existing characters in the Narnia mythology that have not yet been portrayed on the big screen. Considering the rich and complex world of Narnia, there are ample characters to choose from, and it will be a treat for book fans to see some of their favorites shown in a movie.

The new cast means that we won’t be seeing the return of Ben Barnes who played Prince and eventually King Caspian in Prince Caspian and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader or Will Poulter who played Eustace Scrubb in the latter film, characters who play crucial roles in The Silver Chair.

Aslan Lucy NarniaIt’s also possible that the iconic character of Aslan, who had been famously voiced by Liam Neeson for the past three films starting with The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, will be recast as well, though no details have been revealed yet about how this will affect the franchise as a whole. Neeson has been so recognizable as the voice of Aslan that it will be tricky to have the new film series without him. But it’s early days, and hopefully soon, more information will be revealed about this project.

Stay tuned for more updates on the reboot of Narnia franchise.