iZombie, S2 E10- Method Head

iZombie S2E10- "Method Head"

Every good television show has at least one solid meta-filled episode. An episode that’s filled with jokes that make fun of its own show, characters, etc. But honestly, when doesn’t iZombie do that?

iZombie S2E10- "Method Head"

“What’s my gift?”
“Not having to watch that.”

“Cape Town” left off during the holidays. This is still very apparent in the beginning of this episode. Liv gets her favorite TV show, Zombie High (Degrassi meets the Walking Dead, basically) on DVD for Christmas. And New Years was a bit too nice to Clive and Dale, who are sporting some hangovers at work. Come present day, we’re back on our “case of the week”.

While practicing a scene on the “Zombie High” set, lead actor Jordan gets shot with a real gun instead of a prop gun. This isn’t going to get a lot of news coverage or anything. Even though Liv isn’t allowed to be Clive’s “vision girl”, seeing how she’s the show number one fan, he grants her temporary police duties. I don’t know what makes me happier: seeing Liv’s reaction to being Clive’s partner again or seeing her on the Zombie High set.

iZombie S2E10- "Method Head"

Olivia Moore, on the next season of ‘Zombie High’. In Liv’s dreams.

It’s while we’re on set that the meta moments occur. Like for instance: why do they film “Zombie High” in Seattle when it’s set in Portland? “Tax breaks,” Liv immediately responds. However, I think my favorite meta moment is: “You know what would be fun?” zombie extras ask Clive, “A zombie show where the zombie’s the star.” “That’s dumb,” Clive responds. If Rose McIver had of cheekily winked at the camera, that would have been pure gold. What were your favorite moments where the show made fun of itself? My second favorite is Liv criticizing Jordan’s interest in being a Power Ranger (seeing how Rose was a Yellow Ranger herself).

Everyone has suspicions about the prop master, since he knows the real difference between a prop and real gun. Spoiler alert: everyone is right. The prop master was inclined to kill the lead star on the account of the accidental death of his assistant director mistress.

iZombie S2E10- "Method Head"

“My bet’s on Blaine becoming a zombie first, man.”

Other storylines throughout this episode show Major trying to gain Vaughn Du Clark’s trust and friendship. A fitness tracker ought to do the trick. Just kidding – a mic is embedded within. Who would knowingly trust Vaughn, when not even Gilda does? Major does learn that Vaughn is working on his own zombie experiments, thanks to his lab dungeon beneath the gym.

But what’s most dire is when Ravi breaks the news to Major, Liv, and later Blaine that the zombie cure they were given is only temporary. Since Liv and company are taking a poll on when the pair will be zombies again, what are your guesses? Mine is: the season two finale. Just when we think Major and Blaine won’t become zombies again, they do. Thoughts?

Next recap: An erotica novelist/librarian’s brain finds Liv wanting to experience a much deeper side of intimacy. Also, Kristen Bell makes a brief voice over appearance.