Galavant, S2 Ep4 – Bewitched, Bothered, and Belittled

“Could it be my first one is a bad one?”

Galavant continues to thrill and entertain in this episode, with some minor characters getting the spotlight and an in-depth exploration into the life of another major character. All with well-choreographed and heartily performed musical numbers, of course.

Exasperated with Richard’s constant screw-ups, Galavant wants to part ways. And he sees an opportunity to do this when he notices a spark between Richard and Roberta, who turns out to be Richard’s childhood friend. Richard, of course, remains oblivious to this connection and to the heart-eyes Roberta keeps throwing at him. So Galavant has to step in and try to play matchmaker.

Galavant, S2 Ep4 - Bewitched, Bothered, and BelittledHe does so in a wonderful musical number, complete with new costumes and instrumental accompaniment, reminiscent of “Kiss the Girl” from The Little Mermaid, but with some slightly more mature lyrics. He sets the mood, candle-lit dinner, red rose, and romantic music. He gives not-so-subtle hints to Richard to make his move on Bobbi but the king manages to ruin it, as usual. And in the end, though he recognizes that Galavant was setting them up, he insists that he and the obviously smitten Bobbi are just friends.

Galavant, S2 Ep4 - Bewitched, Bothered, and BelittledIsabella continues to be under Wormwood’s control, acting uncharacteristically peppy and cheerful so much so that the Jester, the Chef, and Gwynn are all suspicious of her sudden change of heart. There is a terrifying old Bilbo Baggins moment when she screams “MINE!” when the Jester tries to straighten her tiara.

This episode gives some screen time to the adorable pair of Chef and Gwynn as they sing about their more comfortable circumstances. Compared to last season’s song about poverty, this one is slightly less disgusting and as always, performed with gusto. Chef is happy that they are now part of the “upper lower class” and can afford not to eat leftovers.

Galavant, S2 Ep4 - Bewitched, Bothered, and BelittledBut Gwynn is ill at ease with their new found “comfort,” saying that the life of luxury has made her soft and no longer on edge. She hasn’t had a disease in ages! And it’s bothering her. And it bothers Chef that she is unhappy so he decides to pack up their things (their one thing, really) and leave Hortensia.

The best part of this episode came with Madalena. The vicious queen has always been unapologetic about the way she is; her ambition and desires have been an integral part of her character. But this episode shows some more insight into how she became the way that she is, and it is tied to a childhood trauma/memory involving being belittled by two terrible queens.

She is thrilled to be invited by those same queens to a “Sunday roast” because she feels like she has finally achieved her childhood dream of being like them. But unfortunately for her, the two queens invited her just to “roast” her and to point out all the ways in which she falls short of their standards. Watching Madalena’s forlorn face as she is constantly ridiculed is utterly moving and I felt for her in those moments.

We have never seen her in a moment of such vulnerability, and this development has helped humanize her character. She returns to her castle sadly and begins to feel an emotion which she is surprised by. She launches into a touching and heartbreaking song about the pain she feels and she questions why she needs to have emotions.

Galavant, S2 Ep4 - Bewitched, Bothered, and BelittledAll this is not lost on Gareth who is determined to set things right. He brings the queen a present, the same earrings of the queens who belittled her. With their ears still attached. And if this was any other show, we would be repulsed by this. But Galavant did such a wonderful job of making us love these characters that we understand how giving a lady such a gruesome present can be seen as a sweet and romantic gesture.

Madalena certainly thinks so and her expression softens towards Gareth for the first time. She thanks him sincerely and kisses him on the cheek. Then, he walks away, touching his face where she had kissed him. Romance is in the air for these two and frankly, I am up for it.

I look forward to seeing how these new couples develop as well as when Isabella finally wins her freedom. And it looks like we’ll be getting all of that next week on Galavant:

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