Galavant, S2 Ep3 – Aw, Hell the King

“Any moron can plant a cake.”

Richard suffers an identity crisis after he discovers that not only is his old castle gone, but his former kingdom has undergone a major political shift. As Peasant John (guest star Matt Lucas) explains in a hilariously witty song number, the kingdom has become a democracy and the people have been given a say. Well, only the straight white men, of course, but as Galavant points out, it’s pretty progressive for the Middle Ages.

Peasant John also makes a lot of sly comments about politics that are relevant to today’s state of the world. And he knows it. At one point, he even looks straight at the camera, The Office style.

Galavant, S2 Ep3 - Aw, Hell the KingBut all this change leaves poor Richard lost and confused, trying to find his place in the new world. And it’s a testament to Timothy Omundson’s charismatic performance that we feel for Richard this season, despite all the terrible things he did last season. He’s really shaping up to be a hero, and his redemption arc is easy to invest in because of his earnest performance. And for all the horrible deeds he committed, he seems like a genuinely misguided person and not one inherently evil or malicious.

He and Galavant try to campaign for support and for an army because Gal believes there is no nobler purpose than true love. The newly emancipated citizens of the kingdom aren’t buying it, though. And so the two heroes have to leave town to find help elsewhere. Luckily, though, there is one person who joins them, the charming Roberta, who Richard is pleased to find still calls him ‘my king.’ But Galavant knows there’s more to it than that, and he rolls his eyes as he packs his horse.

Galavant, S2 Ep3 - Aw, Hell the KingBack in Valencia, Gareth is plagued by nightmares of Richard, interrupting Madalena’s beauty sleep. She asks Sid to fix the problem, and the intrepid young squire shares some hilarious but sweet moments with Gareth. He explains that it’s probably the guilt eating away at him and though Gareth insists that that is not a thing, he allows Sid to sing an old lullaby to help get rid of the bad dreams. For all his rough exterior and murderous tendencies, Gareth is a big softie inside and Sid knows just how to get to him.

In another frustrating development for Isabella, after she mourns the loss of her love (because she still thinks she and Galavant broke up!), a new character is introduced, Wormwood the Wedding Planner (played by Robert Lindsay.) And he’s got some evil plans up his tailored sleeves. In typical villain fashion, his goal is taking over the kingdom so he tries to do that by placing a mind controlling tiara on Isabella.

Galavant, S2 Ep3 - Aw, Hell the KingIt’s endlessly annoying to see one of the most dynamic female characters falling prey to creeps like Wormwood and having her agency taken from her once again. The only upside to this is that it gives Karen David a chance to show a different side to her character by portraying the manic, happy energy of a tiara-controlled Isabella. Her performance gives life to the ridiculous song number about the elaborate preparations for a wedding.

So our heroes are still in need of an army, but they’ve made a new friend along the way. Isabella is still a prisoner in Hortensia but I’m hoping this will change soon. And Sid and Gareth are becoming unlikely buddies, which is a refreshing development. Fortunately, we have another episode of Galavant to enjoy right after this.

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