Summer Glau to Guest-Star on ‘Castle’

Continuing the trend of Firefly alums guest-starring on their friend’s show, Summer Glau will be appearing on Nathan Fillion’s Castle after the show returns. Minor spoilers for details of the character to follow:

Photo credit: TVLine

Photo credit: TVLine

According to TVLine,

Glau will play Kendall Frost, a provocative private detective in Los Angeles who competes with — you guessed it — Castle to solve a deadly mystery. She will appear in this season’s 14th episode.

Honestly, I’m a little tired of all the guest stars being other private eyes now, but on the other hand: Summer Glau. She will be fantastic, no doubt. How about you? Excited for another Firefly mini-reunion? Wondering who will be next? Let us know!

Castle returns to ABC for the rest of the eighth season starting February 1.

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